‘El Jefe’ Henley shirt, “Viva la Revolución” mfsc Fall 2014

El Jefe Mister Freedom® ©2013



Mister Freedom® MFSC “El Jefe” Henley Shirt
‘Viva la Revolución’ Collection, Fall 2012


It is now time for the first installment of the final chapter of our “Viva la Revolución” MFSC Fall 2013 collection. To warm things up, let’s start at the top and introduce ‘El Jefe’…

Not a very common feature of Henley type shirts is the off-set front placket of some early models. This off-centered undershirt opening was an added protection against the cold and winds, leaving the neck fully covered when a top garment was worn.
See two vintage examples here, with the close-up of that hysterical woven label… and its roughly 33 1/3 % wool fiber content, give or take 😉


You sometimes can spot these types of shirts in old period movies. Also in Darius Kinsey style photographic works of woodsmen and other 1900’s~30’s delicate creatures. Below, the fellow on the left appears to be wearing an off-set Henley undershirt or union suit  (20’s? from the ‘Kinsey Photographer’ book ISBN 1-884822-22-3).

©Darius Kinsey

Undershirts made of brushed cotton fleece (pilou in French) were a popular winter layer in the Old World, while the New World had preferred the cotton/wool knit jerseys, or the later waffle ‘thermal’ still used today.

For ‘El Jefe’, we chose 100% cotton brushed fleece with heathered pattern, in two color options. The heather pattern is unlike the typical athletic type fleece, but rather unique with a very un-even random repeat (something programmed machines do not like.)
The construction as well was a bit of a challenge for the factory since we wanted a ‘poncho’ type cut, ie. a single panel folded in half with no top shoulder seam. We’re crazy like that.
This made the neck opening cutting stage more complicated and time consuming than the usual front/back two panel construction (because the neck hole is in the middle, you cannot start the electrical cutter from the edge of the fabric.)
The sleeves are intentionally cut to fall a bit above the cuffs, an acquired taste and feature often seen on military winter underwear clothing, so that the under layer remains concealed under the uniform. It also somewhat prevented a sleeve to get caught in machinery.

‘El Jefe’ is quite warm and can be worn either as a layer or a outer piece, tucked in or out according to your mood or religious beliefs.

Designed in California by Mister Freedom®, made in Japan in collaboration with Sugar Cane.


PATTERN: An original MSFC pattern, inspired by early European Henley type winter undershirts.

FABRIC: Mid weight 100% cotton fleece, soft brushed back, heather pattern with tightly woven cotton sateen button placket. Made in Japan. Two color ways
a)  Natural heather with off-white cotton sateen placket.
b) Grey heather with slate blue cotton sateen placket.

* Single panel fold, ‘poncho style’ body.
* Off center front button placket
* Natural horn cat eye button front closure.
* 3/4 type sleeves.
* Adjustable gusseted cuff button closure.
* Coverstitch construction, 100% cotton tonal thread.
* Made in Japan.

I am a medium in ‘El Jefe’, with a comfortable fit.
We recommend regular gentle cycle washing and line dry. Minimal shrinkage with this cotton fleece, a medium will shrink to tag size. Like with mid weight ‘sweat shirt’ type textiles, fleece stretches slightly when worn.
Please refer to chart below for raw/washed & dried approximate measurements.

El Jeffe Sizing Chart Mister Freedom®


Available Raw/unwashed
Size S, M, L, XL, XXL
Retail $229.95

Visit our webstore or brick and mortar in Los Angeles to get yours.
Thank you for your support 😉

“SHIRT, L/S, MAN’S, COTTON, TUBULAR KNIT” by Mister Freedom®

e e e

Freshly in, limited runs of Long Sleeve cotton shirt and undershirts. Made from New Old Stock rolls of American tubular cotton rib knit, that were recently found in an old warehouse in California.
Assorted colors and rib styles (heavy to baby ribs), all 100% cotton.

* An all original Mister Freedom® pattern, inspired by 1930’s-40’s men’s undershirts, vintage USN and “Marine Francaise” Flight Deck jerseys, vintage Duofold thermals, early sport warm-ups…
* Limited sizes available, depending on original width of the tubular fabric, from 15” to 20”.
* Vintage knit undershirt fit (sleeves fall above the wrist to prevent sticking out of the work/uniform shirt), cotton rib jersey will stretch to size when pulled.
* Contrast wide cuffs and webbing, cut from vintage cotton NOS rib fabric. Some models with blind stitch hem or over-locked bottom.
* Original MF® graphics, hand screened in-house with waterbased ink, custom mixed colours. Shirts also available solid/no print.
* 100 % cotton unbleached thread contrast stitching, 4 needle flat lock machine construction.
* All made in the USA.

(Washed/Preshrunk. Assorted sizes S to XL. Retail from $129.95 to $189.95)
Call (323) 653-2014 or mail john@misterfreedom.com for enquiries and availability. We ship world wide.
Due to heavy demand and calls, our limited deck hands thank you for your patience in addressing your phone or mail request.

Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane: MFSC “Mechanic Sweat Shirt”

MFSC Mechanic Sweat MFSC Mechanic Sweat Shirts colors

MFSC “Mechanic Sweat Shirt”
Another slice of the “Speed Safe Clothing for Modern Riders” Fall 2009 collection…Introducing our “Mechanic Sweat Shirt”
A tribute to a “neglected” American favorite, at it’s Golden Age.
The Denim revival band wagon is fully loaded, but no real attention has been yet given to the “Vintage Sweat Shirt”.

  • An all original MFSC exclusive pattern
  • “Freedom Sleeves” (aka Swing Sleeves)
  • Inspired by 1930’s and 1940’s sweat shirts, vintage fit
  • 100% cotton heavy weight fleece, tubular
  • Thick and soft brushed inner side
  • 3 body colors, piece dyed, sunlight sensitive
  • 4” Wide needle out tubular ribbing waistband/cuffs, contrast dark heather grey, 100% cotton
  • Chest flap pocket with metal painted button, side bottom pocket
  • 100% cotton thread stitching, charcoal grey, 4 needle flat seams and double needle construction

(Pre-shrunk. Colors: Heather grey, Navy, Chocolate. Size S,M,L,XL. Retail $289.95)
Call (323) 653-2014 or mail john@misterfreedom.com to order yours while they last. We ship world wide.



Tough and soft…
I’m talking about the sweats.
(This original garment is part of the Mister Freeddom® x Sugar Cane FALL 2009 collaboration “MFSC Speed-Safe Clothing for Modern Riders”. Starting late September 2009, it will be available at the MISTER FREEDOM ® store in Los Angeles, and other select retail stores worldwide.)