Mister Freedom® MFSC Fall 2012 (Part 3): The “FARO Sack Coat”

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Mister Freedom® MFSC Faro Sack Coat
Men of the Frontier Fall 2012

By now the card game of Faro has no secrets for you, right? You have also come to realize that winning at it might require cheating a bit. So here are some sleeves for your aces…

With its early origin on European tailors’ drafting tables as a jacket more practical, more comfortable and ‘easier’ to assemble than the traditional morning and frock coats, the sack coat made its way West and became widely popular in the America of the mid 1800’s. It suited the need for a coat that could pass as a semi formal garment as much as a work jacket.
Business, trail riding, saloon outings, church going and gambling could all be conveniently conducted wearing one same jacket. Just needed some dusting off on Sundays.
The old French term sacque seems to refer to back panels construction and/or a hip-length woman jacket… During the transition period, many styles have existed, as seen in period photography.

Crow Family, circa 1900 (National Archives) Quanah Parker, Comanche, circa 1890 (National Archives) Photo courtesy of Fort Sill National Historic Landmark and Museum

As always, nothing literal about our MFSC sack coat interpretation. For us, the concept came from wanting to combine an early riding coat (redingote) with a railroad type denim work jacket. Our Faro coat combines elements and construction details of both.
The overall appearance is that of a high buttoned notch lapel blazer. The front panel round cutaway are from an early ‘hybrid’ style popular in the late 1800’s (the less fabric to lift, the faster you’d get to your iron.) We use a four panel back, associated with frock coats, but no waist seam and no skirt/tail/back vent.

Like with our Faro waist coat, two fabric options: Dark navy blue midwale corduroy and ‘gun powder’ black cotton-linen HBT. The full lining is a “Troy Blanket” type, sandwiched in the flat felled seams (not floating.)

According to how you decide to pair the Faro sack coat, it can go fancy, casual or workwear. I have always liked the matching jacket/waistcoat look with mismatched trousers, but many combos work.

Designed in California by Mister Freedom® and crafted as a one-time limited batch by Sugar Cane Co in Japan.


PATTERN: An original MFSC®, inspired by late 1800’s coats and denim railroad type jackets.

Two options
a) Deep rich navy blue color, 100% cotton corduroy, midwale (9 wale/inch), 11 Oz. Woven in Japan.
b) “Gun Powder” black (between field grey and dark laurel green), wide HBT (herringbone twill), selvedge, 20% Cotton/80% Linen blend, 15 Oz. Woven in Japan
INNER LINNING: Old school striped “Troy Blanket” (60% re-used wool, 28% cotton, 12% rayon). Soft touch. Woven in Japan.

* High buttoned front style (five button front).
* Notch lapel, lining with back cotton sateen.
* Off set shoulder seams.
* Full body and sleeves “Troy Blanket Mills” soft lining.
* Flat felled seam construction. 100% cotton thread, tonal.
* One chest and two waist slanted welt pockets.
* Concealed sailcloth chest pocket.
* Reddish-brown corrozo buttons.
* Adjustable double button sleeve cuffs.
* Concealed MFSC woven label and Troy label on inside of front left panel.
* No exposed seams/ no overlock.

PACKAGING: For your future non-Monsanto grocery shopping experience we have packaged the Faro sack coat in an original MF® made raw selvedge denim draw string bag.

SHRINKAGE/SIZING: Both fabric options come raw/unwashed.
We recommend an initial cold rinse (hand agitation) and line dry. The Faro coat fits true to size. I am a 38 and wear a 38 in this jacket.
Just as you wouldn’t boil a fancy suit, please treat with care or take to your environmentally friendly dry cleaner for future cleaning. Refer to sizing chart below for raw/rinsed/line dry approx. measurements.

Faro Sack Coat sizing chart

Available RAW/unwashed
Sizes 36 (small), 38 (medium), 40 (large), 42 (xlarge), 44 (xxlarge)
Retail $799.95

Call 323-653-2014 or mail sales@misterfreedom.com to get yours while they last. We ship internationally to select Countries. Thank you for the support, friends.



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