Fifty shades of Mister Freedom®, a leg ornamentation retrospective.

Pile of freshly-laundered Mister Freedom® rags…

Naval Chinos (Chino twill combo) FW2010 “Naval Clothing Tailor

Chino Riders (Tan chino twill) SS2010 “Speedsafe For Modern Riders

Californian Lot.44 (NOS denim) FW2011 “American Sportswear

Californian Lot.44 (NOS P21 denim) FW2011 “American Sportswear

Pantalon Apache (Covert Stripe) SS2011 “Les Apaches

Pantalon Apache (Stripe Brown) SS2011 “Les Apaches

Pantalon Ouvrier (Métisse) SS2011 “Les Apaches

Pantalon Ouvrier (Rayure) SS2011 “Les Apaches

Pantalon Peau-de-Diable (Black moleskine) FW2011 “Les Apaches

Pantalon Apache (Stripe Blue) SS2011 “Les Apaches

Speedways Pique (Cream) FW2011 “American Sportswear

Britches Chaparral (Brown Canvas) SS2012 “Men of the Frontier

Faro Britches (Gunpowder HBT) FW2012 “Men of the Frontier

Frontier Chinos (denim Type B) FW2012 “Men of the Frontier

Gunslinger Pantaloons (Desert twill) SS2012 “Men of the Frontier

Gunslingers Pantaloons (indigo x indigo twill) SS2012 “Men of the Frontier

Californian Lot.64 (SC1966 denim) FW2013 “Sportsman Catalog

El Americano (Duck Canvas) FW2013 “Viva la Revolución

Hacendado Trousers (Baja denim) SS2013 “Viva la Revolución

Hacendado Trousers (Homespun) SS2013 “Viva la Revolución

Hacendado Trousers (Indigo Stripe Beige) SS2013 “Viva la Revolución

Vaquero (Okinawa 301 denim) SS2013 “Viva la Revolución

Californian Lot.64 cut-off (SC1966 denim) FW2013 “Sportsman Catalog

Révolutionaire (NOS coutil) 2013 “Sportsman Catalog

Crew Pants (“Marine Nationale” Chambray) SS2014 “Sea Hunt

Crew Pants (Cachou Twill) SS2014 “Sea Hunt

Topsiders (MN denim) SS2014 “Sea Hunt

Topsiders (Okinawa 301 denim) SS2014 “Sea Hunt

Sportsman Chinos (Beach twill) SS2014 “Sportsman Catalog

Sportsman Chinos (OG-107 Cotton back sateen) FW2014 “Sportsman Catalog

Utility Trousers (Cachou/Highland camo) SS2015 “Saigon Cowboy

Californian Lot.64 (Okinawa 301 denim) FW2014 “Sportsman Catalog

Utility Trousers (2×1 denim) SS2015 “Saigon Cowboy”

Tiger Board Shorts (Buzz Rickson’s TSP gold tiger) SS2015 “Sportsman Catalog

Californian Lot.74 (NOS Cone denim) FW2015 “Sportsman Catalog

Garrison Trousers (Olive GB denim) FW2015 “Saigon Cowboy

Garrison Trousers (Indigo x indigo twill) FW2015 “Saigon Cowboy

Malibu’s (Malibu blue denim) SS2015 “Sportsman Catalog

Malibu’s (Sand denim) SS2015 “Sportsman Catalog

Sportsman Slacks (Gunpowder HBT) FW2015 “Sportsman Catalog

Bosco Pants (Hydrone twill) SS2016 “Skipper

Manureva cut-off (Tutti Frutti) SS2016 “Skipper

Manureva (Nep denim) SS2016 “Skipper

Pareo Indigo SS2016 “Skipper

Continental Trousers (NOS Cacao Chambray) FW2016 “Sportsman Catalog

Continental Trousers (NOS Moss denim) SS2016 “Sportsman Catalog

Californian Lot.674 (Okinawa 301 denim) SS2017 “Sportsman Catalog

VEB belt and MF® “Trench-Art” custom vintage 40’s French Army belt.


Assorted Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane Co mfsc pants, 2010-2017.
Made in USA or Japan.

A non-exhaustive retrospective of some mfsc pants we designed through the years, randomly selected from my closet, post laundry.
Normal on/off wear and periodical cold water wash, natural patina, no factory distressing. The bleached-out marks of some of the blue jeans come from sitting bundled-up on the roof for a few weeks, under the California sun.

Check out for stock availability (click on photo caption links), visit the MF® Los Angeles brick & mortar store, email or call 323-653-2014 with any questions.
Thank you for your support.

Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®

New Web Shop for Mister Freedom®

Mister Freedom® Website ScreenShoot ©2013

Mister Freedom® Website ScreenShoot ©2013


Happy to introduce our new Web Shop at

Save for a few funny typos, that site is now fully active 24/7, while the brick & mortar is “11pm – 6pm”. Long days, eh? 😉
Cart, International shipping, secure Paypal processed payments and all that good stuff.
We also found some hidden boxes in storage with some Mister Freedom® originals “New Old Stock” from older MFSC® collections…

This previous blog form of Mister Freedom® related news will stay active and regularly updated with its ‘relevant or not’ usual content, but has now a new URL.
Warm thanks to Thomas, our web guru/designer, for all the hard work and for handling this mind boggling technical transfer and upgrade.

Thank you all for the support,

Christophe Loiron

Mister Freedom® style vs. Gangnam style on YouTube

Mister Freedom® ©2013 Barracuda Film & TV

Currently in a close race with Psy on Youtube
At 3:20, you’ll notice how Inspector Clouseau would say “Apache“… CHIEF Inspector, my bad.
Zis case iz getting clozed. FACT.

Filmed by Swedish documentary filmmaker Bobo Ericzen, sometime in 2011. Just released.
All rights BARRACUDA Film & TV ©2013

Dear Friends…

Christophe Loiron 08-2009

Just a few words to thank all of you for your support for this next ride…
The MFSC Fall 2009 Collection “Speed Safe Clothing for Modern Riders” is on its sweet way to the Mister Freedom store…The mechanic sweats and shirts will be first to hit, as production in Japan is wrapping up. We will be posting specs as soon as the crates are cracked open…
We’re VERY excited!

Mister Freedom x Sugar Cane: MFSC Spring 09 Specs

Here are the MFSC ® internal documents of the Spring 09 collection, complete with original fabric swatches. For Your Eyes Only…

MFSC VS-09 Specs Sheet

MFSC VS-09 Specs Sheet


MFSC PS-09 (a)

MFSC PS-09 (a)

MFSC PS-09 (b)

MFSC PS-09 (b)



MFSC 645

MFSC 645



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