Mister Freedom® ROADSTEADER Cap, NOS selvedge WHEAT denim edition, Fall 2018, made in USA.

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Photo courtesy Tadashi Tawarayama (Seven Bros Pictures Inc.)


Mister Freedom® ROADSTEADER Cap
NOS selvedge Wheat denim edition
 Sportsman catalog
Made in USA

The Mister Freedom® ROADSTEADER Cap is the latest addition to our Couvre-Chef Department, consisting of a selection of vintage-inspired headwear, revisited à-la MF®.
The line-up already includes our classic Casquette “La Deffe” and ”Scuttler” Cap, both regularly issued in an assortment of vintage New Old Stock fabrics. The full released range of these two popular models are available from our Los Angeles HQ and webstore.

The MF® Roadsteader was initially released in a handsome New Old Stock selvedge indigo blue denim during Spring 2018. For Fall 2018, we are introducing a version in a elegant NOS selvedge wheat denim twill.

For the R&D and design story behind this original hat, along with a compelling Sirtaki tutorial, please refer to the MF® Roadsteader’s original blog post. This wheat versions shares the same specs and inspiration as its indigo blue denim predecessor.
The black cowhide leather of the visor is “tea core”, i.e. surface-dyed black with a contrasting ‘natural’ light brown on the flesh side, guaranteeing a nice vintage patina overtime.

The MF® Roasteader Cap is designed and manufactured in California, USA, by Mister Freedom®.

An original MF® pattern, inspired by an assortment of vintage nautical covers and 1900’s french traditional working-class hats.
Shell: NOS 3/1 selvedge wheat denim twill, about 12 Oz.
Lining: Vintage NOS glazed 100% cotton fabric, silkscreen with an original MF® graphic.
Leather trims: black “tea core” cowhide headband and visor, with genuine kangaroo hide headband lining.

* Fancy old-school construction.
* Unstructured crown. (no plastic frame)
* Fully lined with NOS black glazed cotton, featuring original MF® silkscreened label.
* Black “tea core” cowhide leather headband.
* Unlined black “tea core” cowhide leather visor with indigo HBT tape piping.
* Genuine kangaroo hide headband facing, with traditional red/white/blue bow.
* Traditional chinstrap was replaced by a riveted strap, featuring concealed denim selvedge ID.
* Made in USA.

The headband size in measured in centimeters. The headband will not stretch altogether, but the kangaroo lining will soften with wear and ‘loosen-up’ the fit a bit.
Size 58 (cm) roughly equates to a 7 ¼ hat size.
Size 60 (cm) roughly equates to a 7 ½ hat size.
Note that the crown of the Roadsteader is unstructured (no plastic frame) so that it will ‘slouch’ naturally with wear. We recommend cocking it to one side, and a bit to the back, for the old-salt vibe.

Do not attempt to machine wash/dry the MF® Roadsteader Cap. Professional spot-cleaning only, if needed. With normal repeat wear, this cap will start to ‘slouch’ and the denim fabric begin to drape naturally.
We do not recommend trying to artificially hasten the normal aging process. Just wear and enjoy.
NOTE: I personally opted to initially cold-soak my wheat Roadsteader briefly, spin dry, shape the cap to the desired “old salt” slouch, and then let dry overnight. The resulting hat, with a slightly wrinkled denim fabric, is featured on the photos above.
Beware that some color bleeding from the cognac brown leather sweatband on the wheat denim might occur when opting to rinse the Roadsteader.

Available Raw/unwashed.
Size 58 (cm) (approx. 7 ¼)
Size 60 (cm) (approx. 7 ½)

Available from www.misterfreedom.com, our Los Angeles brick & mortar store, and fine retailers around the World.
Email sales@misterfreedom.com or call 323-653-2014 with any questions unanswered above.

Thank you for your support,
Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom® 2018



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