Mister Freedom® “TRIPPER” Bag Type II, NOS selvedge denim, 2017 issue. Made in USA.

Mister Freedom® “TRIPPER Bag”, Type II, NOS selvedge Denim, 2017 issue.
Made in USA

For those of you trippin’ this summer, here is a new batch of our Type 2 Tripper Bag, 2013 issue. This 2017 Type 2 batch shares all of its 2013 predecessor’s specs, but features contrast stitching instead of tonal.

An original MF® pattern initially released in 2010, the Mister Freedom® Tripper bag has been so far issued as Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. A few (not-yet documented) early prototype Type 4 in ‘midnight denim’ are also floating around, with limited availability from the MF® Los Angeles HQ.

The MF® Tripper Bag Type 2 is designed and made in California by Mister Freedom®, from NOS fabrics and NOS parts.

Shell: Assorted New Old Stock indigo selvedge raw denim, about 13 Oz.
Lining: NOS woven stripe ticking, 100% cotton.

Webbing: Sturdy 100% cotton straps, unbleached white with woven navy blue stripes.
Top closure: Recycled military cotton webbing. Inside metal “D” ring for keys.
* Approx. Size: Length 16” x Width 8” x Height  15”
* Two outside box-pleat pockets, vintage A2 type “United Carr” snap closure for flap.
* Two inside side pockets
* One inside large pocket (14.5” x 11”), snap closure, fits a MacBook.
* Indigo dyed HBT tape on inside seam.
* Denim selvedge ID displayed on inside only.
* Contrast stitching, ivory color.
* White ID tape underneath outside pocket, for your perso custom marking/stenciling.
* Limited Edition.
* Made in USA.

Available cold-soaked and line-dry.
One Size (Approx. L 16’’ x W 8’’ x H15”)
Retail $449.95

Available from www.misterfreedom.com, and the MF® Los Angeles brick & mortar store.
Email sales@misterfreedom.com or call 323-653-2014 with any questions unanswered above.
Thank you for your support.

Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®

“TROOPER Boots” Type II, NOS military canvas x Black Leather issue, made in USA










Trooper Boots Type I

Archives: Trooper Boots Type I

Mister Freedom® “TROOPER Boots” Type II
NOS military canvas x Black leather
The Sportsman catalog, Made in USA

More MF® footwear from our Sportsman catalog
Following the path of our Road Champ Boots released in a black version sometime in 2015, we are issuing a batch of Trooper Boots with the same hand-dyed black leather in time for your summer 2016 jungle adventures.

Our Mister Freedom® original Trooper Boot was freely inspired by a pair of vintage US military Government issued boot, double buckle type, first pattern jungle boot dated 13 June 1955. Those early jungle boots were nicknamed ‘Okinawa boots‘, as they often shod US advisors flying out of Okinawa en route to mingle with in-Country barefoot montagnards, during the early days (post Geneva) of the US field involvement in Vietnam.

Our ‘Trooper’ is not a replica of 50’s US military Okinawa boots however. We twisted the vintage design into a service boot type shoe, using the now-familiar Mister Freedom® Road Champ last for a flat toe profile, quite in-vogue today. Aside from the leather color difference, the specs of this Trooper Type II issue are the same as the original Type I. The canvas is still military New Old Stock, but we have updated the shoe laces to a shorter, round waxed type.
Please note that, unlike the photos suggest, the kangaroo leather ankle band will be punch-stamped with the US shoe size.

The Trooper Boots are designed by Mister Freedom® and made in California, USA.

* An original MF® pattern, inspired by 1950’s US military jungle boots and service boots.
* MF® old school flat toe box.
Shoe Vamp/Heel: Vegetable tanned cow hide, USA origin. Same leather featured on the Black MF® Road Champ engineer boots. The hand-dyed black leather color with brown undertones will age nicely, according to one’s use and conditioning preferences.
Shoe Quarter/Tongue: Single layer heavy canvas from a limited stock of 60’s era NOS duffle bags, EU military surplus origin. Strong cotton-linen blend.
Ankle Band/Eyelet Facing: Genuine Kangaroo leather, origin Australia. Same grade we used for the MF® scutler cap head bands. Kangaroo hide was in the past used to make soccer shoes, due to its non-stretch and rot-resistant properties.
* Vintage limited supply of USA-made NOS ‘NITRENE’ rubber half sole and heel combo, “Non Marking, Oil Resistant, Long Wearing” (so they say, so that must be true…)
* Waxed cotton round woven chocolate brown laces.
* HBT Olive Drab bias taped tongue.
* Concealed woven MF® “The Sportsman” label.
* Made in USA

The Trooper lasts are those of our Road Champ. If you are familiar with our engineer boot, the fit is the same, if only more ‘flexible’ around the arch/ankle due to lacing.
There is no real magic formula to advise on sizing, as everyone’s foot proportions/sock preferences vary.
However, according to feedback, sizing down HALF your sneaker size seems to work. If you are a 10 in New Balance sneakers, you are probably a 9½ in the Trooper.
And like they say, it always works, sometimes.

The Trooper Boots are low maintenance, easy to break-in. I recommend just wearing them as-is and let your feet do the work. They age very nicely, faster if you chose hiking over playing Angry Birds at home. For those worrying about scuffs, mud, stains and nicks, there might be other more appropriate footwear choices out there.

If needed, leather conditioners such as Pecard can be applied to keep the leather healthy. For those into waxing, the canvas can be treated with Otter Wax fabric dressing, or left as-is and brushed clean when needed.

Available Sizes: 7, 7½, 8, 8½, 9, 9½, 10, 10½, 11, 11½, 12, 13
(Limited availability at the moment, as this is a small first batch)
Retail $749.95

Contact sales@misterfreedom.com for details not mentioned above. Available at our brick & mortar and from the footwear section of www.misterfreedom.com.
Thank you for your support.

Mister Freedom®