Mister Freedom® Skivvy new color! Classic military “Brown 436”. Made in USA.

Mister Freedom®  Skivvy Tee, Brown 436.
Sportsman catalog
Made in USA.

We are introducing a new color in our SKIVVY T-shirt selection this season, the classic “Brown 436” familiar to many as the specific shade of brown of 1980s US Army undershirts, the government-issued “Undershirt, man’s, quarter sleeve, type I, class 3, brown 436”. This color addition completes the vintage military-inspired palette of our SKIVVIES: white, sage green, navy blue and brown.

The STANLEYS and their looser jersey knit are still available in white, black, jungle green, royal blue, red and gold, with a full recent restock on all colors.

Please refer to the original MF® blog posts for specificities of both Skivvy and Stanley T-shirts, specs/sizing/fit/care instructions.

Our SKIVVY and STANLEY tubular T-Shirts are also available as a Two-Pack option. Individually priced at $69.95 per shirt, a two-pack can be purchased at a substantial saving for $124.95. The packaging consists of a simple lightweight cardboard box, reminiscent of old military stenciled ammo metal boxes.
Each two-pack box contains two identical solid T-shirts (sorry, no style/color/size combination or substitution.)

Available options are as follows:

Two-Pack SKIVVY T-shirts (S, M, L, or XL):
Navy Blue.
Sage Green.
Brown 436.

Two-Pack STANLEY T-shirts (S, M, L, or XL):
Jungle Green (olive).
Royal Blue.

Available from www.misterfreedom.com, and our Los Angeles brick & mortar store.
Email sales@misterfreedom.com or call 323-653-2014 with any questions unanswered above.

Thank you for your support,
Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom® 2020



“SKIVVY” Shirt (Made in California), Mister Freedom® ‘The Sportsman’ Collection, Spring 2013


Mister Freedom® “SKIVVY” Shirt, tubular white Tee, made in USA.
‘The Sportsman’ Collection, Spring 2012

Introducing the MF® “SKIVVY”, a new addition to “The Sportsman” 2013 Collection.

Not long after I watched “Rebel Without a Cause” in the early 80’s did I become partial to wearing plain white cotton Tshirts with a ‘Jim Stark’ fit. Wearing a plain white T was both a neutral statement and a reference to America for me. Little did I know that some 30 years later, i’d be trying to figure out how to make one…
At that time you would pick up a cheap three-pack (‘Fruit of the Loom’ or ‘Hanes’) from the local surplus store. They would last for years and soften up overtime, and eventually retire as wiping rags in the garage.

James Dean as Jim Stark Marlon Brando ©1951 A. Everett McQueen 1966 JFK 1954 (©Smithsonian via AP)

A young John F. Kennedy staring out from his balcony in 1954, U.S. Servicemen at ease, dock workers, U.S. Navy old salts on deck, McQueen on the set of “The Sand Pebbles” in 1966 and other Hollywood icons… Men from all walks of life had sported white Tees.

USN Sailors circa 1943 (MF® private collection) Cookie and Chief circa 1942 (MF® private collection) Deck Gang circa 1943 (MF® private collection) Fishermen 1950's (MF® private collection) Guitar player 1961 (MF® private collection) Basketball on deck circa 1943 (MF® private collection) Cruiser crew 1944 ('At Ease' ©Evan Bachner))

Since the 1930’s, long before Tshirts were used to convey messages and promote businesses, plain ‘T’ shaped shirts had become a standard garment for men, slowly replacing Henley type undershirts. They were also more accepted when worn on the outside than the tank top, its side kick, was.
According to ‘The White T’ book by Alice Harris (Umbra Editions, Inc., 1996, ISBN 0-06-270166-5), the short sleeve white cotton Tshirt, as we know it, was officially adopted by the U.S. Navy in 1913. Followed the Marine Corps during WW2, issuing Marines three white “skivvy shirts”, later in 1944 to be changed to a sage green version, a standard GI issue until about 1958. In 1948, the Army issued the “Quarter Sleeve Undershirt” to all recruits…

The USMC issued undershirts were different in construction from other basic Tshirts. They were half the weight and featured flatlock seams, the inspiration for the MF® “SKIVVY” Tee. See image below of the vintage USMC sage green issue shirt from our archives (Size 1, never worn!)

Vintage USMC shirt (MF® archives)

On our quest to produce a ‘simple’ Mister Freedom® white Tee, we were lucky to have access to 100% cotton tubular 18 single (18/1) jersey, loomed from USA grown cotton and manufactured in California. Tubular jersey has no side seams, like on most vintage Tshirts, which requires specific looms for each size, a bit challenging for small productions.
Unlike most modern Tshirts, the MF® SKIVVY has an ‘old school’ 40’s-50’s silhouette, inspired by a combination of old photos and vintage shirts, often a bit ill-fitting by today’s standards. The 1/4 sleeves are a bit shorter and the body slightly ‘boxier’ than your average contemporary Tshirt, giving the MF® Skivvy that ‘hand-me-down’ intentional feel. The thin neck band is also a nod to early vintage Tshirts.
As always, our shirt is not a replica, just an humble interpretation of a classic piece.
Designed by Mister Freedom® and MADE in CALIFORNIA, USA.

Also, we will soon be offering original MF® graphics past and present (see below for some Tshirt graphics we have done in the past 10 years), all printed in-house by hand, with water-based ink that will age and fade with wash & wear. The fun silkscreening process here.

MF® Tshirt graphics All ©Mister Freedom®


PATTERN: An original Mister Freedom® pattern, inspired by 1940’s-50’s cotton Tshirts
FABRIC: Unbleached 100% cotton 18/1 tubular jersey, cotton grown and knitted in the USA. Carded open end yarn.
CONSTRUCTION: Combination of flatlock and cover stitch, inspired by 1940’s USMC Government issued ‘skivvies’. Tubular body, no side seams.
STITCHING: Natural color 100% cotton thread, unbleached.
LABELING: Original MF® woven rayon label on neck band, with stamped sizing tab.

SIZING/WASHING: Low-maintenance as a Tshirt should be, just throw in the washer/dryer, cold or hot water, no bleach. The cotton jersey will stretch out with wear and ‘mold’ to your body.
According to your built and silhouette preference you can get your normal size or size down for a slimmer/shorter fit (as often seen in vintage photos.)
I wear Medium (38) on most MFSC garments, but sized down to Small for the MF® Skivvy, just personal preference. I like to slightly ‘pull’ on it to distort and give torque to the tubular jersey.
Refer to sizing chart below for washed/machine dried approximate measurements (measured flat, without pulling/stretching):

Skivvy Shirt Sizing chart ©2013 Mister Freedom®

Available RAW/Unwashed (will shrink to tagged size)
SIZES xS, S, M, L, xL, xxL

Retail SOLID white (plain) $69.95

Call 323-653-2014 or email sales@misterfreedom.com to get yours. We ship internationally to select Countries. As always, thank you sincerely for your support.