N.O.S. Board Shorts, Mister Freedom® Sportsman Catalog, Spring 2014

Board Shorts Mister Freedom 2014



Board Shorts Mister Freedom 2014

Board Shorts Mister Freedom 2014Board Shorts Mister Freedom 2014

Board Shorts Mister Freedom 2014

First soak instructions



Photo ©1963 Bob Bagley – Bruce Brown Films, Endless Summer



N.O.S. Board Shorts
Mister Freedom® “Sportsman” Collection
Spring 2014

Having never set foot on a surf board, I feel quite qualified to announce the addition of the “NOS Board Shorts” to our “Sportsman” catalog. Can’t go more legit than that.
I did climb on something remotely associated with the sport of surfing a while back however. A baobab. With an engine, that thing would have been called a ferry. I heard one could stand on it with a 0.2 BAC.

So ok, ok. C don’t surf.
But I swear I’ve watched “The Endless Summer”.
Cowabunga, dude.

Anyways, these Mister Freedom® board shorts are based on a few classic pairs of late 60’s~70’s trunks (Hang Ten etc…)
We added a fancy wax pocket, to holster your iPhone comes clambake time. Or your passport, for the elegant few who roam airports in tank-tops, shorts and flip-flops. The concealed rear pocket will basically be a receptacle for sand, which is great if you’re a collector.

There are a few options available, all made with New Old Stock fabrics.
a) NOS 100% cotton blue/white stripe twill, selvedge, about 6 Oz. (same fabric as our Rodeo Ranch Blouse, and the Musette Biribi), featuring olive green stitching.
b) NOS 100% cotton twill, Indigo warp x Indigo weft, about 12 Oz. with a NOS selvedge denim waistband and pocket, featuring orange stitching.
c) A surprise “Aldo Maccione” model, to be released later…

Please note that cotton fabric was dropped by swimwear companies some time ago, as cotton dries very slowly. I get it, but it worked for generations of swimmers, and sometimes it’s one for the money and two for the show.

Micky Moore & Elvis, 1966

Micky Moore & Elvis, 1966

I was really looking forward to posting fit pix. But everyone in upper management has pleaded me not to. Not sure why.

The Board Shorts are (kinda) designed and manufactured in California by Mister Freedom®, in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co.


a) NOS 100% cotton blue/white stripe twill, selvedge, about 6 Oz., olive green stitching.
b) NOS 100% cotton Indigo twill (Indigo warp x Indigo weft), about 12 Oz. with a NOS selvedge denim waistband and pocket, orange stitching.

* Bitchen late 60’s to 1970’s style
* Bitchen paracord/eyelet waist closure system.
* Bitchen Velcro® fly.
* Bitchen selvedge waistband.
* Bitchen side pocket with Velcro® flap.
* Bitchen rear concealed sand pocket.
* Made in USA.

The board shorts are only available RAW because we let you do the surfing.
Both fabrics will shrink to the approximate same measurements after the first original cold soak. These trunks are pretty much true-to-size, although cut a bit on the vanity-size side in the waist. The paracord/eyelet closure system allows for some slight adjustment to the waist for a tighter/looser fit.
With the Indigo Twill version some color bleeding is to be expected during the early stages of wear. At the pool party, refrain from sitting on your neighbor’s white sofa right, especially holding a glass of pomegranate juice and a beet salad paper plate.
Swim trunks should be low maintenance, and these are. They will fade and show wear according to how you use them. Riding waves or watching “Big Wednesday” will result in different wear patterns.
Please refer to sizing chart for soak/line dry measurements (please note that further shrinkage can be expected with hot soak and machine dry.)

Board Short Stripe Board Short Indigo

Available Raw (unwashed) ONLY
Tagged Sizes
Retail $129.95

Available from our brick & mortar and our webstore.
Please call the store at 323-653-2014 or email sales@misterfreedom.com with questions not addressed above.
Thank you sincerely for your support 🙂