SS2019 prototypes preview: “YUCATAN” Collection, “SURPLUS” & “SPORTSMAN” catalogs. Made in Japan and USA.

Mister Freedom® x Sun Surf “Rock’n’Roll” shirt, rayon (mfsc Yucatan SS2019) Made in Japan

DUNE BUGGY jacket, rayon-cotton (mfsc Yucatan SS2019) Made in Japan

MARINA polo shirt, cotton pique (mfsc Surplus x Yucatan SS2019) Made in Japan

COWBOY jacket & CALIFORNIAN Lot.674, selvedge pique, wheat (Sportsman x Yucatan mfsc SS2019) Made in USA


COWBOY jacket & CALIFORNIAN Lot.674, selvedge pique, moss green (Sportsman x Yucatan mfsc SS2019) Made in USA


DUDE RANCHER shirt, cotton broadcloth, embroidery or solid (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

BOWLER shirt, rayon (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

BERMUDAS, NOS denim, moss blue & Congo (mfsc Sportsman SS2019) Made in USA

BERKELEY shirt, Albini linen, L/S stripe & S/S checks (mfsc Sportsman SS2019) Made in USA

CONTINENTAL Sportcoat & Trousers, selvedge indigo chambray (mfsc Sportsman SS2019) Made in USA

McKARSTEN jacket, indigo cotton/linen (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

McKARSTEN trousers, indigo cotton/linen (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

McKARSTEN jacket, HBT denim (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

McKARSTEN trousers, HBT denim (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

SECOYA shirt, pincheck chambray (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane mfsc SS2019 collection PREVIEW.

Introducing “YUCATÁN“, our latest capsule collection inspired by an obscure 1969 movie script written by Steve McQueen, set in Mexico and involving chasing motorcycles, roaring dune buggies, desert racing, cenote diving, and treasure hunting! Sadly, the project never made it to film.
Alongside this exciting concept collection, our SURPLUS catalog offers MF® classics made in Japan, and the SPORTSMAN catalog classics made in USA.

All garments manufactured either in USA (MF® “Sportsman” mfsc catalog) or Japan (“YUCATÁN” collection and MF® “Surplus” mfsc catalog). Drop dates start sometime during March 2019.
Contact with distribution enquiries.
The garments photographed above are show samples/prototypes and do not reflect details/quality of actual upcoming SS2019 production.

Thank you for your support.

Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®


Pick a winner and stay classy. “Aventure Beach Trunks”, made in the USA.



The “Apollo Creed”


The “Classy”


The “Stinker”



Brigitte Bardot & Alain Delon wearing a winner (on Eric Tabarly’s boat, Saint-Tropez, 1968) Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)

Aventure Beach Trunks”, made in USA.
Sportsman Summer 2015

A proper introduction to our “Aventure Beach Trunks” will require the assistance of the action-packed movie provider of your choice. Put a little umbrella in your drink, and indulge in “L’Aventure c’est l’Aventure” (Claude Lelouch, 1972).
Spoiler alert, you might not learn much about jungle guerrilla warfare, but the art of working the beach will no longer hold secrets for you.
Aldo, Lino, Charlot, Jacquo… pick yourself a winner.

L'Aventure c'est l'Aventure 1972 posterAventure1 Aventure2

The “Aventure Beach Trunks” borrow the general pattern of our classic Sportsman Board Shorts, the original indigo version or “Saigon Cowboy” tiger stripe model, and  feature Velcro closure, side pocket, cord waist adjustment… Please note that the tiger stripe option of the “Aventure Beach Trunk” is not made from Buzz Rickson’s gold tiger stripes, but from NOS selvedge camo fabric.

We have carefully selected vintage selvedge cotton fabric from our vault for this project. These NOS sixties/seventies novelty print textiles have been purchased over the course of many years, some collected as far back as during MF® early trials under the name Cricri Le Matelot in the early 2000’s.

Each pair had to be cut individually, a time-consuming requisite when using all different width of fabrics that cannot be stacked under one cutting marker. With very limited yardage of these fabrics, each design only yielded a few waist sizes. When possible, the selvedge was used on the inner part of the waistband.

For your beachcombing pleasure, we have made dozens of assorted eye-pleasing combinations, emulating what an old 1970’s Californian beach shack on the Venice Boardwalk might have offered during its hippy days. Due to variations in vintage fabric weight and texture, some options might be better suited for strolling on hot sand than coming out of chilly water. For the sake of your friends, and your reputation, we recommend testing at home.

Rumor has it that there is an embarrassing video on the interwebs highlighting the unforgiving fit of our beach trunks… but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

The classy “Aventure Beach Trunks” are designed and manufactured in California by Mister Freedom®. Limited edition.


Made from assorted NOS (New Old Stock) vintage novelty print cotton fabrics, canvas or twill. Designs, weight and texture vary.

* Late 60’s to 1970’s style
* Cord/eyelet waist closure system.
* Velcro® fly closure.
* Selvedge waistband when feasible.
* Side pocket with Velcro® closure flap.
* Rear concealed pocket.
* Poly-cotton contrast stitching.
* Few of a kind, limited edition.
* Made in USA.

All of the vintage fabrics were pre-washed prior to the cut/sew process, to even out the shrinkage across the board. Each pair of finished trunks was subsequently cold-rinsed and tumble-dried again. With very slight variations, all models tagged with the same size will fit the same, some fabrics featuring more mechanical stretch than others. Each pair was size stamped after the rinse/dry process, so if your waist actually measures 32”, you would wear a tagged 32.
The eyelet waist closure system allows for about ½ inch adjustment.


Low maintenance, machine wash when needed, cold and delicate cycle.

Available rinsed
Tagged Sizes
Retail $149.95

Available from The full selection of options can be seen in our Los Angeles ol’ pile o’ rags, aka the brick & mortar store.
Email or call 323-653-2014 with any questions unanswered above.
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