“WOOLIES” iPad® Sleeves, Made in California by Mister Freedom®

iPad® WOOLIES ©2013 Mister Freedom®

iPad WOOLIES AD ©2013 Mister Freedom®



“WOOLIES” iPad® Sleeves
Made in USA by Mister Freedom®

If you are still using a rotary dial phone at home this might not be of much interest to you…
However, for the few who have succumbed to the Hi-Tech spell of Apple® gadgets, here is a little something that might be relevant.
Most cases and protecting sleeves for new ‘electronics’ are a bit too modern for my old soul, so we’ve cooked up another transporting device for your Cupertino designed goodies.
Following our denim “MF® Laptop Haversack“, here are the “iPad® Woolies”, to keep your tablet snuggly wrapped in goodness with a touch of Old World.
The MF® ‘woolies’ also make for a purdy cool traveling satchel for protecting and storing small items inside your carry-on. They might also work with other tablets, just Google measurements.

We used some New Old Stock recycled military blankets (same stock as previously introduced with our MFSC “Drover Blouse” blanket issue) lined with vintage selvedge NOS calico print cotton fabrics from our vault.
This original design looks fairly simple, but the construction is a bit involved, using three types of different sewing machines (single needle, bias tape foot attachment and cover stitch.)
The natural buttons are made of ox bone, 1920’s vintage old stock from France we were happy to unearth. The closure are stitched down leather loops.
Each one of the ‘Woolies” vary slightly in stripe patterns, according to the original blanket they were cut from. Each one is unique.

Designed and made by Mister Freedom® in our studio in California. Limited quantities.

Disclaimer: Anyone who has dropped an iPad on bathroom tiles knows for a fact that it doesn’t bounce. The Woolies will protect your iPad from dust and scratches, not from a flight down the stairs, as they are soft and not padded with Titanium. Mister Freedom® “iPad Woolies” are not endorsed by Apple®, who has better things to do, and are not an authorized Apple® product.

Note: ‘Texas’ Tom is wearing his “Blouse Chaparral” (indigo linen issue) on the photos, to compliment his hair style, along with a ‘Reno Shirt‘, snow calico issue. Both from our ‘Men of the Frontier’ Spring & Winter MFSC 2012 Collections.

PATTERN: Original MF® pattern
Outer: Thick vintage NOS military striped blankets, 100% heavy wool, quality mil specs. (Oatmeal/grey with blue stripes)
Lining: Two types of vintage selvedge NOS calico printed plain weave 100% cotton.
a) Navy (with indigo dyed HBT bias tape)
b) Cadet Blue (with Cadet Blue HBT bias tape)
* Made in California from recycled vintage supplies
* Comfortably fits an Apple® iPad® (inner storage dimensions 10 inches x 7¼ inches)
* No overlocked exposed seams (taped + side cover stitch)
* HBT bias tape piping edges
* Vintage 1920’s NOS ox-bone button closure, leather loops
* 100% cotton thread construction
* Original Mister Freedom® “Sportsman” woven rayon label, concealed under flap

Dry Clean ONLY, if ever needed. We did however test hand wash and line dry without drama but at your own risk.

Retail $149.95 (option a or b)

Call 323-653-2014 or Email sales@misterfreedom.com to get yours while they last. We ship internationally to selected Countries. Thank you for your support.