SS2019 prototypes preview: “YUCATAN” Collection, “SURPLUS” & “SPORTSMAN” catalogs. Made in Japan and USA.

Mister Freedom® x Sun Surf “Rock’n’Roll” shirt, rayon (mfsc Yucatan SS2019) Made in Japan

DUNE BUGGY jacket, rayon-cotton (mfsc Yucatan SS2019) Made in Japan

MARINA polo shirt, cotton pique (mfsc Surplus x Yucatan SS2019) Made in Japan

COWBOY jacket & CALIFORNIAN Lot.674, selvedge pique, wheat (Sportsman x Yucatan mfsc SS2019) Made in USA


COWBOY jacket & CALIFORNIAN Lot.674, selvedge pique, moss green (Sportsman x Yucatan mfsc SS2019) Made in USA


DUDE RANCHER shirt, cotton broadcloth, embroidery or solid (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

BOWLER shirt, rayon (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

BERMUDAS, NOS denim, moss blue & Congo (mfsc Sportsman SS2019) Made in USA

BERKELEY shirt, Albini linen, L/S stripe & S/S checks (mfsc Sportsman SS2019) Made in USA

CONTINENTAL Sportcoat & Trousers, selvedge indigo chambray (mfsc Sportsman SS2019) Made in USA

McKARSTEN jacket, indigo cotton/linen (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

McKARSTEN trousers, indigo cotton/linen (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

McKARSTEN jacket, HBT denim (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

McKARSTEN trousers, HBT denim (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

SECOYA shirt, pincheck chambray (mfsc Surplus SS2019) Made in Japan

Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane mfsc SS2019 collection PREVIEW.

Introducing “YUCATÁN“, our latest capsule collection inspired by an obscure 1969 movie script written by Steve McQueen, set in Mexico and involving chasing motorcycles, roaring dune buggies, desert racing, cenote diving, and treasure hunting! Sadly, the project never made it to film.
Alongside this exciting concept collection, our SURPLUS catalog offers MF® classics made in Japan, and the SPORTSMAN catalog classics made in USA.

All garments manufactured either in USA (MF® “Sportsman” mfsc catalog) or Japan (“YUCATÁN” collection and MF® “Surplus” mfsc catalog). Drop dates start sometime during March 2019.
Contact with distribution enquiries.
The garments photographed above are show samples/prototypes and do not reflect details/quality of actual upcoming SS2019 production.

Thank you for your support.

Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®


Special Edition Mister Freedom® “Statesman” Jacket, made in USA for MR PORTER, as seen in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”!

Poppy Delevingne and Pedro Pascal star in Twentieth Century Fox’s “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.”


Mister Freedom® “Statesman” Jacket.
Special Edition “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” for MR PORTER.
Made in USA.

We were honored to be considered for outfitting one of the characters of Matthew Vaughn’s latest action movie, “Kingman: The Golden Circle”.
We collaborated with Oscar-nominated costume designer Ariane Phillips, a longtime friend of the store, and luxury menswear provider MR PORTER in adapting one of our staple piece, the Mister Freedom® Campus Jacket.

Our Campus’ 30’s-style club collar was updated to a traditional open collar. Like our original model, the jacket was left unlined, still featuring brown corduroy facing accents. We sourced-out a black cowhide full grain leather with a nice grainy texture and matte finish, for a casual ‘vintage’ vibe straight off-the-rack, without artificial factory distressing. This handsome 2-3 Oz. black leather is heavier, looks ‘tougher’ and more rugged than the elegant black lambskin of our Black Lamb Campus.

This original jacket is worn by Statesman “Agent Whiskey”, a character played by Pedro Pascal, looking rather 70’s Burt Reynolds for the occasion. After the filming wrapped, a very limited run was manufactured, to be exclusively retailed by Mr Porter following the premiere. Luckily, we were able to secure a small stash of these “Statesman” jackets for our Los Angeles HQ!

The limited edition Mister Freedom® “Statesman” jacket is designed and manufactured in California, USA, in collaboration with MR PORTER, for the Kingsman franchise.
To see it in action, watch “Kingsman: The Golden Circle“!

Photo of Pedro Pascal in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” via this site, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox ©2017.

PATTERN: An original pattern inspired by classic vintage sportswear leather jackets.
LEATHER: Black cowhide full grain leather, grainy texture with a matte finish, about 2-3 Oz.
Please note that each panel of the jacket may display slight variations in grain and texture, a normal feature of full grain leather.
* Slim silhouette.
* Fully unlined, clean inside seams.
* One piece back.
* Brown cotton corduroy collar and wrist cuff facing accents.
* Slash pockets with arrowhead-shaped edges.
* Side gussets with adjustable side straps (NOS metal slide buckles).
* Keyhole button holes.
* Dark brown ‘Cat Eyes’ corrozo wood buttons (aka ivory nut), backed by genuine antique 1920’s bone buttons.
* Underarm venting eyelets.
* Double branding, “Kingsman” x “MF® Sportsman” labels on the inside.
* Sturdy poly-cotton thread tonal stitching.
* Made in California, USA.

This leather jacket does not require any type of pre-treatment and is ready to wear as-is. Do not wash.
After a few years of normal wear, professional care or conditioning might be considered and should be left to a leather specialist.
The cut of the “Statesman” jacket is identical to that of our Campus Jacket introduced in 2013. It is true-to-size but quite slim-fitting, depending of course on your own built. I wear a fitted 38, my usual size in MF® jackets, with a simple Tshirt or light shirt underneath.
DISCLAIMER: Please note that because the jacket is unlined, some color transfer of the black leather might occur on light colored garments.
Please refer to sizing chart for approx. measurements.

Sizes available:
36 (Small)
38 (Medium)
40 (Large)
42 (XLarge)
44 (XXLarge)
Retail $1,195.00

Available from MR PORTER, from and our Los Angeles brick & mortar store.
Email or call 323-653-2014 with any questions unanswered above.

Thank you for your support,
Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom® 2017

Mister Freedom® on the silver screen: “L’Hirondelle du Faubourg”

This following short movie contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing and inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised.

Full image credit and copyright to MASS PRODUCTIONS
Soundtrack courtesy of Sounty Sinto

Filmed on location in Belgium. Warm thank you to all benevolent participants, technicians and independant artists involved 😉