Mister Freedom x Sugar Cane: MFSC “Mulholland Master”

Sharp, sharp! The Master! The Master!

MFSC Mulholland Master




MF S/c “MULHOLLAND MASTER” By Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane

“Speed Safe Clothing for Modern Riders”, Fall 2009 Collection

 American riding jackets were predominantly made out of leather since the 1930’s, which proved unpractical in wet and muddy environments, such as off road riding and rainy conditions. They were also mostly shorter waist cut.

Influenced by military patterns, British motorcycle clothing manufacturers (such as Barbour International, Belstaff etc) adapted military field/air jackets to produce riding coats suitable for wet and cold conditions, creating the typical “International” style soon sported by riders around the world. Professional motorcyclists also adopted that style, as seen with the 1964 ISDT American Olympic Team outfits, featuring Steve McQueen as one of the official US Trial riders.

Photo ©1964 Dieter Demme

Photo ©1964 Dieter Demme

The MF S/c “Speed Safe” clothing Fall 2009 collection includes an original cotton rider’s jacket: The “Mulholland Master”, taking it’s name from one of Los Angeles favorite Highway for motorcycle riders and automotive speedsters and cruisers.

The MF S/c “MULHOLLAND MASTER” pattern is inspired by vintage 1960s British Motorcycle riding gear (such as the classic Barbour Int’l A7 jacket), 1940’s US Paratrooper jackets and other military coats. It combines modified patterns, US military hardware and original MF S/c detailing to create a unique ‘ultimate’ winter coat suitable for riding and other outdoor activities.

Due to the use of vintage and “new-old stock” components, it is made in limited quantities.

Designed in California by MISTER FREEDOM® and produced in Japan by SUGAR CANE Co.


Fabric: Originally developed for the US Navy and officially called “Jungle Cloth”. A sturdy 100% cotton ‘gros grain’ type cloth, tightly woven for wind proofing and with water repellent qualities. It can be individually waxed with adequate wax dressing, to add to the water proofing quality. Originally natural white, the fabric is piece dyed in ‘chocolate brown’ shade, an original MF S/c color. Guaranteed to beautify with wear. Preshrunk with gentle rinse.

Lining: The body lining is 100% cotton wide wale corduroy, midnight blue color, for warmth. The inner arms lining is a “new/old stock” plaid HBT cotton fabric, found in limited quantities in a warehouse in Los Angeles.

Hardware: Sturdy FIOCCHI metal snaps (the original manufacturer of Italian military snaps, along with their cousin counterpart Company DEWEY), painted black.

The front zipper is a 1930’s style “Hookless” type, with HBT cotton taping.

The wind flap is secured by 1940’s USN “deck jacket” type black metal hooks.

The metal buckles used for the throat strap and belt (police type garrison buckle) are “new/old stock” US hardware.

Underarms venting metal eyelets.

Body: ¾ length, comfortable fit.

For maps/tools/documents: four front snap flap rainproof pockets and one back snap flap pocket. Top right pocket closed by hidden “Conmatic” zipper. All pockets lined with plaid HBT fabric.

One inside chest pocket.

Diamond elbow patches, US Air Force style.

Adjustable gusset wrist snap closures.

Leather windproof  inside zipper-cover flap.

Removable throat cover snap-on flap.

The belt can be attached in the back, when not in use.

Construction: Single needle construction, sturdy double stitching.

100% cotton thread, navy blue color.

(Rinsed, Size 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44. Retail $899.95)
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