Mister Freedom x Sugar Cane mfsc 10 Year Anniversary Collection preview, Fall 2016





Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane mfsc
10 Year Anniversary Collection
Fall 2016

Dear Friends,

To mark ten prolific years of collaborations with our friends at Toyo Enterprises (i.e. Sugar Cane Co) this Fall 2016, we have decided to revive some pattern oldies, and to have fun with a few mfsc bygone goodies along the ride! Some of you might remember the original versions from our early days, pre-iPhone and pre-Facebook, but most will just discover them as new timeless garments.
Note: One of the jacket coming out this fall is a brand new collaboration with Tailor Toyo, in the footsteps of our popular “Party Jacket“, the limited edition “Mururoa Jacket”…

Each one of these pieces is a manufacturing tour de force, from limited run fabric looming, deep dark tone indigo dyeing, to the actual precise cut and sew process. This compact, no filler Anniversary collection is masterfully crafted in Japan by the Sugar Cane Co usual network of skilled workers, expert artisans and family-run secret factories. We at Mister Freedom® are all grateful and blessed to have been involved with such fine company since 2006, when a hand shake and a Gentlemen’s agreement sealed the Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane on-going collaboration, somewhat still of a UFO in the world of fashion. Mina Sama, Okagesama de!

If our MF® Fall 2016 Sportsman collection has already been fully completed this year, the above mfsc Anniversary collection will get to us… when it gets to us. We have always preferred to have our clothes made right and well, rather than cheap and fast.

Over the years, some of you have lived, worked, slept, sailed, swam, camped, gotten married, found jobs, built motorcycles, partied, travelled on horseback, performed on stage, raced, hung from canopies… in our gear. This sure makes us happy, as we don’t design ‘em to stay in closets.
We hope to have contributed in making you look your best, feeling like a natural-born world-shaker at times, and we will strive to continue doing so, our way.

Thank you all for your support, magnanimity and patience for the past decade or so.


The MF® Team.

Soon available from www.misterfreedom.com, our Los Angeles brick & mortar store, and fine retailers around the World.
Email sales@misterfreedom.com or call 323-653-2014 with any questions or to reserve a specific garment/size.
Stay tuned on the social media for ETA notifications.

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The convincing power of machetes, cutlasses, and crowbars…

MUTINY on the Ol’ Pile ‘o Rags
Special 30% OFF Sale !!!

To celebrate 10 years of Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane (msfc) fruitful collaborations, mutineers aboard the “Ol’ Pile o’ Rags” have subtlety convinced the captain to unload part of the ship’s precious cargo at 30% of its value! We need room for bananas.
Pirates are invited to visit the vessel mooring at 7161 Beverly Blvd for their share of the loot, while supplies last. Visitors can also try themselves at a cat-o-nine-tails session on the skipper, while the rope holds.
The 30% sale applies to our webstore as well, as outlined in the above tutorial.

Q: “Which items are 30% OFF?”
MF: If an item has a red 30% OFF next to the *Add To Cart button*, it qualifies. The discount will be applied during PayPal checkout.

Q: “Is there a SALE section on the website?”
MF: Negative, check per collection and per item.

Q: “Are Sportsman items on sale?”
MF: The sale does not apply to items from our ongoing Sportsman catalog or SS2016 Skipper collection.

Q: “What’s with the bananas!?”
MF: ?

Q: “Yes but did you get the Pokémon?
MF: ?

Thank you all for your support during the past ten or so years!
Email the Mutiny Department at sales@misterfreedom.com with any concern you might have, before we reach Pitcairn.

The MF® Team,
July 2016

Mister Freedom x Sugar Cane “Saigon Cowboy” mfsc Fall 2015 preview


©Mister Freedom 2015


©Mister Freedom 2015


©Mister Freedom 2015


©Mister Freedom 2015

Indochine, indigo, jungle, lézard, PBR, Brown Water Navy…
Available sometime in 2015.

Mister Freedom® Fall 2013 preview “Viva la Revolución” MFSC Collection

Mister Freedom® Fall 2013 LookBook ©2013


Mister Freedom® Fall 2013 LookBook ©2013

Mister Freedom® Fall 2013 LookBook ©2013

Mister Freedom® Fall 2013 LookBook ©2013


Introducing the second chapter of our collaboration collection with Sugar Cane Co “Viva la Revolución”. This Fall/Winter volume follows the previously Spring/Summer story you can read about here.
As always, the inspiration for this collection is quite eclectic, near and far from the Rio Grande in the first thirty years of the 20th Century.  I will turn to full rambling mode for each item as production hits our HQ, sometime in Sept/Oct 2013.
Designed in California by Mister Freedom® and manufactured in Japan by Sugar Cane Co.

The Fall 2013 line up will include:

* “EL AMERICANO” Jacket:
Three different fabrics
a) Brown duck selvedge canvas
b) Indigo dyed wide wale Corduroy
c) Grey ‘stripe’ heavy canvas

* “EL AMERICANO” Trousers:
Three different fabric a) b) c)

* “EL AMERICANO” Waistcoat:
Three different fabric a) b) c)

A special edition in indigo dyed Melton wool.

* “RANCHERO” Shirt:
Two different fabrics
a) Indigo/Red woven plaid, cotton-linen selvedge
b) Indigo covert, selvedge

* “EL JEFFE” Henley (no, it’s not a sweater):
Two different fabrics
a) Natural heather brushed cotton fleece.
b) Gray heather brushed cotton fleece.

Muchas Gracias Friends 😉

Mister Freedom®x Sugar Cane: MFSC time traveling

MFSC through the years

A quick visual recap of our past and present MFSC collections in collaboration with Sugar Cane.
Thank you all for your support through the years.