Spring09 MFSC PS-09md: Pants, Denim, Shore (Modified)

Shore Denim Pants PS09

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Original dark indigo MFSC denim “301”, solid white narrow selvedge.

  • Un-Sanforized 11oz denim, guaranteed to bleed.
  • Shrinks to ‘true’ size, shrinkage 5 to 8%, depending on water/drying temperature.
  • MFSC original blue “Chambray fabric” pockets and waist lining.


  • Original MFSC pattern, inspired by a pair of 1920’s custom tailored naval trousers, white summer issue.
  • Two side “officer” type cargo pockets, safari flaps. Pockets expand to hold wallet, phone etc… Easy access, secure and no unbalanced volume when seating.
  • 1910’s naval lace-up back, an alternative to buckle-back cinching, detail also carried over on rare 1930’s denim workwear. Adds an extra inch to the waist when fully opened. Indigo died HBT cotton tape.
  • Two selvedge front slash pockets.
  • CPO type Anchor buttons front fly.
  • Selvedge slim belt loops, for 2 inches wide belts.
  • Single panel wrap leg construction.
  • Selvedge crotch extension patch.
  • White cotton HBT inside seat taping.
  • Side eyelets for hanging dry brass laundry pins.
  • Straight legs, utility trousers silhouette.
  • Long inseam to allow roll-up
  • MF® Modified: 2 original MF® exclusive denim back pockets added. As a ‘theater-made’ modification, we used mis-matching MFSC indigo denim scraps from end of rolls. Pocket design is consistant but the denim used is random (301,401, 11oz, 14oz…). Note: We cannot do any custom modifications to items not purchased directly from Mister Freedom®. 

(Unissued. Waist 28, 30, 32, 34, 36. Retail $ 439.95)