Mister Freedom CALIFORNIAN blue jeans family LOT recap 2010-2016



Mister Freedom® “CALIFORNIAN” Blue Jeans Family, 2010-2016
Made in USA

Introduced sometime during 2010, the Mister Freedom® Californian Blue Jeans is our interpretation of the classic five pocket denim jeans. In the past six years, we have introduced several versions of the pattern and fit. Here is a brief recap:

* Californian Lot.54 (yellow paper flasher, 2010): The original issue, straight leg, classic 1950’s silhouette. Issued in 12.5 Oz. NOS Cone indigo denim.
* Californian Lot.44 (box package, 2011): Similar pattern, buckle back added, straight leg, classic 40’s-1950’s silhouette. Issued in about 37 types of NOS denim twills.
* Californian Lot.64 (red paper flasher, 2013): Straight leg, slightly tapered, classic 1960’s vibe. Originally issued in 13 3/4 Oz. indigo denim (SC1966).
* Californian Lot.64US (Army green paper flasher, 2014): “Uncle Sam” edition. Straight leg, slightly tapered, classic 1960’s vibe. Issued in 13 3/4 Oz. indigo denim (SC1966).
* Californian Lot.64OK (Orange paper flasher, 2014): “Okinawa Advisor” edition. Straight leg, slightly tapered, classic 1960’s vibe. Issued in 14 Oz. “Okinawa 301” indigo denim.
* Californian Lot.74 (Aqua green paper flasher, 2015): Tapered, our slimmest leg, classic “1960’s youth” vibe. Originally issued in 12.5 Oz. NOS Cone indigo denim, then in NOS 12.5 Oz. wheat denim
* Californian Lot.654 (yellow paper flasher, 2015): Pattern and fit of our classic Lot.64, with the bells and whistles of our original Lot.54. Issued in NOS 12 Oz. Cone indigo denim.
* Californian Lot.64E (red/white stripe paper flasher, 2016): Special “US Presidential Election” Edition. Straight leg, slightly tapered, classic 1960’s vibe. Issued in 16.5 Oz. NOS Cone indigo denim.

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Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®

Mister Freedom “Californian” LOT.654, made in USA









Worn Californian LOT.54, featuring the same NOS Cone Mills denim than the LOT.654

Worn Californian LOT.54, featuring the same NOS Cone Mills denim than the LOT.654

Mister Freedom® “Californian” LOT.654, made in USA.
The Sportsman Fall 2015

To the ocean of five-pocket jeans flooding the creative world of apparel, we will be adding a few MF® drops this Fall.
The first splash is somewhat a reedition of our MF® “Californian” LOT.54 blue jeans, introduced in 2010. We have modified the pattern a bit to blend the specs of the original LOT.54 with the slightly more tapered leg of our popular LOT.64. After an intense board meeting, we all agreed on calling them 654.

Besides the updated silhouette, the rest of the 54’s bells & whistles are still there, from the rear pocket Batman-meets-McD’s “M” stitch, to the combination of 12 different cotton threads, to the  painstakingly debossed leather patch.


“Debossing is a team effort. It is fun and I like it.” Cristian Dascalu (2015)

The fabric we chose for this Fall 2015 edition of the LOT.654 is a different batch of the same New Old Stock denim we had scored for the LOT.54, a nice 12 Oz. denim twill from Cone Mills, white/red line selvedge ID. This denim fabric fades nicely overtime.
The pocket bags are made of NOS fabric as well, solid and unassuming white HBT pocketing.
Lot54-1 Lot54-3

The Sportsman “Californian” LOT.654 blue jeans are designed and manufactured in California by Mister Freedom®, in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co.

Please note that the photos of the worn Californian LOT.54 above are for denim evolution reference only. The Californian LOT.654 blue jeans are only available raw, and we do not offer a “Worn Californian LOT.54”  wash. The “CL perso” wash is still not available either. You’d be surprised…


Inspired by traditional 1950′s-1960’s era blue jeans, traditional fit, slightly tapered leg.

NOS Cone Mills blue denim, 12 Oz., white/red line selvedge ID, unsanforized. Milled in the USA.
Pocket bags: NOS white HBT fabric.

* Five pockets, two legs.
* Button fly.
* Selvedge leg outseams…
* Original white “M” stitch design on rear pockets.
* Debossed leather MF® patch on rear pocket.
* Twelve types of 100% cotton threads (gauge and color combination) used for construction. Main colors are yellow and orange.
* Coin pocket with concealed selvedge.
* Hidden back pocket reinforcement rivets, with top pocket reinforcement zig-zag stitching.
* Rear pocket partial lining.
* Original silver-color ‘oxidized’ MF® metal cast waist/fly buttons.
* Unmarked copper riveting for reinforcement.
* Original MF® paper pocket flasher.
* Made in USA

The Californian LOT.654 comes UN-WASHED and cut so that the measurements match the labeling AFTER an original cold soak/line dry. A tagged W32 x L34 “Californian” actually measures about 34” x 36½” before wash.  It will shrink to approx. 32” x 34” after rinse/dry.

Which size works for you depends on how you like your jeans to fit. I wear a comfortable tagged waist 32 in the Lot.654
We recommend getting your usual waist size, although proper fit is a subjective matter and everyone has their own idea of what looks good.
As with all denim twill, shrinkage and stretching will occur for a while and will depend on the wearer’s body, activities and initial fit.
Although some opt to wear their jeans raw and never wash them, a more practical and sensible option seems to be the cold soak/line dry/wear-when-damp to set creases protocole, and subsequent machine wash when cleaning is required.

Please refer to sizing chart for approximate raw/soaked measurements. Soaked = 30mn cold soak, spin dry and line dry (ie. minimal shrinkage).

Wash your jeans when hygiene dictates and common sense prevails.
Machine wash inside out to avoid marbling. Cold water, gentle cycle, eco-friendly mild detergent and line dry. Please note that the debossed graphic on the leather patch will naturally ‘flatten out’ when soaked in water. As devastating as it is, this is normal.
Patina will develop according to activities and frequency of wear.

Available RAW/unwashed/Un-sanforized

W28 x L32
W29 x L32
W30 x L32
W31 x L32
W32 x L34
W33 x L34
W34 x L34
W36 x L34
W38 x L34
Retail $299.95

Soon available from www.misterfreedom.com, and our Los Angeles brick & mortar store.
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