MFSC Spring 2009: “The Lost Locker”

The last chapter of the “MFSC Naval Clothing Tailors” has unfolded.


The two previous collections, Spring 08 and Fall 08, captured the working gear and duty clothes that our Sailor had custom tailored in local ports during his 10 year service at sea in the Merchant Navy.


His duty Tour ended in 1946 in the waters of the Indian Ocean. Thereafter the whereabouts of our Seaman are unknown, but his wooden personal locker recently surfaced in a Southern California estate sale.

Unopened for over 60 years it contained a collection of his personal clothes, tailor made for his private use, when on shore leave and off duty.


The designs of this personal wardrobe came from the “MFSC Naval Supply Research” department and some items were labeled as “Experimental Garment” and made in very limited quantities as test pieces. None of them were intended to be worn on board during service, but rare photographs show our Sailor proudly sporting these garments while at liberty on some Indian Ocean shores…


The locker contained:

  • MFSC JS-09: A white denim Shore Jacket
  • MFSC PS-09: A pair of denim trousers
  • MFSC 645-N and 645-W: Two off-duty custom color Chambray shirts
  • MFSC SS-09: A pair of white denim Bermudas
  • MFSC VS-09: A multi-pocket denim vest


Also included was a collection of three graphic promotional and advertising T-shirts that where given to him as a valued customer of the MFSC Naval Clothing Tailor shops. His ship’s Tour shirt was also included, the front featuring the ship’s emblem and a stenciled back with major anchoring ports…


 All specs available soon in the Spring09 LookBook…