Introducing the MF® Juke Joint

Mister Freedom Juke Joint 2014

A collection of SMASHING hits






The MF® Juke Joint!

I believe I pretty much owe my soul to Music. I owe it to all the talented Artists who have made my days brighter and my nights lighter when nothing else seemed to work… Music is an endless source of inspiration for me, a vital part of the creative process behind anything Mister Freedom®. I thought I’d share some of it, which is the best way to keep it alive.

So. If you have an urge to cut a rug, shake a leg, do the bop, get rhythm, jump the blues, dig the boogie, or need rock therapy, we are adding a new section to our online store: the MF® Juke Joint, with some fine roots music CDs for your listening pleasure.
It will feature a selection of some of the sounds one might have heard spin at our Los Angeles store. Clearly not an exhaustive list of the eclectic mix of music we listen to, as we don’t intend to enter the World of music distribution, letting the pros do that. We just want to feature a few contemporary Artists we dig!
Some of you will already be familiar with them, some happy to discover something new. Ahhh, the bliss of unearthing a new song, put it on repeat until the craving is gone…

Now, the mercantile bit. No, we’re not giving CDs away with purchase. Music is what musicians do for work and freebies don’t help make a living. At that level that’s a lot of hours of real work, solo practice, rehearsals and commitment. Even if the trick is to make it all sound effortless once on stage, choosing music as one’s path comes with sacrifices not everyone is willing to make. I’ve always respected those who do.
So the CD prices are those suggested by the Artists. We are just making it easy to add some of that sweet Rock & Roll to your Mister Freedom® online cart, if so inclined. No sampling or fancy web set-up as one can YouTube anything these days to get a taste. Just the official CDs as released by the original Artists.

We will be beefing up our MF® Juke Joint selection as time permits.
We’ll just start with a few talented fellas we know.
Dig it.

Thank you for the support, and don’t forget to go see live music. Sure beats Candy Crush on the sofa. Thank you very much.

The “MF® Juke Joint” section will be available on as soon as our tech dept recovers from the Holiday cheers 🙂


We’d like to announce that each CD will come with this autographed photo of a live one, but no.