Mister Freedom® style vs. Gangnam style on YouTube

Mister Freedom® ©2013 Barracuda Film & TV

Currently in a close race with Psy on Youtube
At 3:20, you’ll notice how Inspector Clouseau would say “Apache“… CHIEF Inspector, my bad.
Zis case iz getting clozed. FACT.

Filmed by Swedish documentary filmmaker Bobo Ericzen, sometime in 2011. Just released.
All rights BARRACUDA Film & TV ©2013

New interview for DenimBro, with some ‘hows & whys’ behind Mister Freedom® clothes

Photo by Cory 'Bandit Photographer' Piehowicz ©2012 Mister Freedom®

Two days ago, a major hard drive crash of our main computer at work has wiped out 10 years worth of files (graphics, concepts, photos etc…), so we might not be posting updates for a while.
In the meantime here is a recent interview conducted by Mr. Mark Randal for DENIMBRO, with some more shots of our recent outdoor fun outing with the gang, masterly shot by Mr. Cory ‘Bandit’ Piehowicz, along with some (now lost) personal old photos. Again many thanks to all involved. And thank you for reading.
Full interview and photos here.

AND back-up, friends, back-up….


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