Mister Freedom® interior shots, courtesy Piero Turk

Mister Freedom 2014 Photo Piero Turk (A Life With Denim) (10)

Photo courtesy Piero Turk (A Life With Denim) 2014

Our “NO PHOTO” policy is just a peaceful attempt at fencing off freeloading ‘designers’ taking shots of labeling/packaging/details of our clothes, for the price of an iPhone photo and a French exit. We have company names of a few red-handed specialists…

Our store inventory, new and vintage, takes a little while to design/make/collect/merchandise/curate. Normal people understand that the Mister Freedom® Los Angeles retail HQ is not a California State-funded attraction. With common sense and basic ethics, one realizes that taking photos of merchandise in a retail store in general requires asking for permission.
Having said that, if you’re into old piles of rags and want a souvenir of your West Coast trip, or an Instagram background for a selfie, we’re honored 🙂
We recently had the visit of Mr. Piero Turk, of ‘A Life With Denim‘ fame, who snapped a few in the store, to publish on his blog. Piero has a denim-related book out called “Details”, available here, featuring close-ups of vintage work-wear. Thank you for the visit.
All photos © Piero Turk 2014.