MF S/c “Speed Safe” Collection: The “GREASER” Hat

MFSC, The "Greaser" MFSC, The "Greaser"

Another arrival from the Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane Fall 2009 “Speed Safe” Collection:

Inspired by 1920’s and 1930’s workers, new paper boys…and motorcyclists head gear, the MFSC “Greaser” should keep ’em ducktails covered this winter…
You don’t need to pull off the Johnny BRMC look, this hat looks great with a Peacoat, tweed suit or your own combo. Many period photos show dockers and other factory workers sporting similar leather hats.
Can be shaped like a casquette, Apple hat, slouching to the side etc…and will look it’s best worn often and broken in.
* An all original MFSC® pattern
* Limited Edition
* Made of genuine Black front quarter Horsehide leather, USAF type A-2 Jacket grade. Exclusive MFSC® hide finish/treatment. Guaranteed to age and wear like beautiful vintage leather does. No ‘fake distressing’.
* 100% cotton NOS plaid fabric lining
* Manufactured in Japan by Sugar Cane’s specialized Hat Makers
* One size fits all (the head band can be lined with newspaper to make the head size tighter, as was often done back then)

(Unissued condition. Retail $329.95)
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