Authentic vintage 1940’s-50’s New-Old-Stock rubber HALF SOLES for US Army Service Shoes.


Mister Freedom® Trooper Boots ©2013

Authentic vintage 1940’s-50’s NOS rubber HALF SOLES for US Army Service Shoes.
Authentic US G’vt Issues,
Size 8 – 8 ½

These have been sitting in our Mister Freedom® Vintage Archives for some years now. These USA-made New Old Stock rubber half soles are authentic 1940’s-50’s US G’vt-issued supplies for military footwear. They appear to have been manufactured at the time by “Ply Co” (see small branding on reverse side), and feature the characteristic WW2 period US Army sole thread and markings, and obsolete Mil-Specs.
Besides showing minor signs of years of storage, the ¼ inch thick rubber is still healthy and bendable, making these vintage soles quite desirable for a period-correct resole job by your favorite local cobbler.

I had sent out my old faithful 2013 MF® Trooper Boots (Size US7) along with a set of these for a resole a while back, and after many miles of asphalt and outdoors abuse, the half soles are still holding.

Our stock is limited to size 8 – 8½. Soles can easily be trimmed by a professional to accommodate smaller size needs. They also might work on larger sizes, according to footwear. Refer to measurements photo to determine if these will match the requirements of your shoes or boots resoling project. Convert inch to cm here.

UPDATES on MF® FOOTWEAR PRODUCTION: We are still currently working on releasing our much-anticipated next batch of MF® Trooper Boots and MF® Road Champs. Production has been delayed due to the many technical challenges associated with our demanding standards, and obviously by current events this year. We do not have an ETA yet on either models, but are shooting for sometime in 2021, provided a sudden alien spaceship invasion doesn’t interfere.

Subscribing to our soon-to-be-released MF® NEWSLETTER will keep you in the loop. We again thank everyone on the waiting list for their patience and support, and apologize for the long delay.

NOS half soles available as pairs from, and our Los Angeles red brick HQ.
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Thank you all for the support,

Christophe Loiron
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