Mess of Blues: Mister Freedom® mfsc Utility Jacket, Garrison Shirts, CPO Shirt 189AC (indigo evo)

Utility Jacket, 10 Oz selvedge denim (Saigon Cowboy SS2015)

Garrison Shirt, midnight twill (Saigon Cowboy FW2015)

Garrison Shirt, indigo Flannelette (mfsc 10th Anniversary FW2016)

CPO Shirt 189ac, indigo canvas (mfsc 10th Anniversary FW2016)

Mister Freedom® Mess of Blues.

Because we don’t offer factory-distressed garments, for environmental reasons, ethical concerns and plain common sense, we often get asked “How soon can I expect a worn-in patina?”…
There is no easy answer besides “Just wear and find out”. Frequency of wear, type of activities, fit, … all play a major role in how denim garments evolve and fade, a role often more decisive than the specific fabric itself. Our denim twills and indigo canvases will fade overtime. Just enjoy the journey and don’t watch the water boil.

We have never been about fast fashion, and the Mister Freedom® denim catalog is not about instant gratification. But we believe there is an instant reward in knowing you are investing in ethically-made garments.

Post-laundry photos above are featuring the following MF® garments:
* Utility Jacket, 10 Oz. selvedge denim (Saigon Cowboy mfsc collection SS2015)
* Garrison Shirt, indigo midnight twill (Saigon Cowboy mfsc collection FW2015)
* Garrison Shirt, indigo Flannelette (10th Anniversary mfsc collection FW2016)
* CPO Shirt 189ac, indigo canvas (10th Anniversary mfsc collection FW2016)

(All items worn intermittently since their release date, regular laundry. First wash for the Utility Jacket, following occasional wear.)

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Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®

Mister Freedom Garrison Shirt, Indigo Flannelette, Fall 2016 mfsc Anniversary Collection












Mister Freedom® Garrison Shirt, indigo-dyed flannelette.
Fall 2016 mfsc Anniversary Collection
Made in Japan.

This season, we are bringing back the pattern of our popular Garrison Shirt, first introduced during our 2015 Saigon Cowboy venture.
Originally issued in an indigo 12.4 Oz. ‘Midnight’ twill and an olive 12.4 Oz. ‘GB’ denim twill, we are releasing this Fall 2016 10 year mfsc Anniversary edition in fancy indigo flannelette. Flannelette is a brushed cotton flannel textile, with a funny name.

This handsome 7.3 Oz. fabric features a nappy brushed warp (the face), contrasting with the twill pattern visible on the weft side (the reverse). This type of fabric is reminiscent of vintage brushed cotton camp shirts made of Canton flannel (another exotic word for it), solid or printed (as we did on our MF® Camp Shirt), a popular garment for the outdoorsman in the 1940’s-50’s. The textile feels warm, very soft and comfortable to the touch, in contrast with the stern military uniform character and pattern of the MF® Garrison Shirt.

The MF® Garrison Shirt, indigo-dyed brushed flannelette, is designed in California, USA, by Mister Freedom® and manufactured in Japan by Sugar Cane Co.


Soft 100% cotton brushed twill aka flannelette, indigo-dyed, dark shade, 7.3 Oz., milled in Japan.

* An original mfsc pattern, inspired by vintage military EU and US uniform shirts and tailor-made garments.
* Intricate button placket construction.
* Double chest pockets, arcuate flaps, one cut away pocket with pen compartment.
* White ‘Cat Eyes’ corrozo wood buttons (not plastic).
* Elbow reinforcement patches.
* Black 100% cotton twill collar facing.
* Side gussets.
* 100% cotton stitching, black on face, white on inside.
* Flat felled seam construction, inside contrast chainstitch.
* Original MF® rayon woven label. 
* Designed in USA, Made in Japan, Worn Internationally.

The indigo flannelette Garrison Shirt comes raw/unwashed. We recommend an initial 30-40mn cold soak, spin dry and hang dry.
The tagged size reflects sizing after undergoing this initial process. I wear a comfortable Medium in this Garrison Shirt indigo flannel issue, my usual size in mfsc shirting.
I am expecting a bit more width shrinkage in the shirt worn in the fit pic, once it goes through normal washing cycles.


Please refer to the sizing chart for post-soak measurements. Soaked in cold water, hung dry.


Machine wash on delicate, turn the shirt inside-out to avoid marbling, use cold water and minimal eco-friendly detergent. Hang dry.
Please note that minimal color crocking is to be expected, as it is the nature of indigo to rub off.

Available RAW (unwashed)

Retail $389.95

Available from, and our Los Angeles brick & mortar store.
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Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®