Apaches spotted in a Los Angeles alley, near Mister Freedom® store…


All rite, before you start calling Five O, let’s just say that the boys and I decided to have fun yesterday and Ms. Jordan shot away…
Nothing to alert the medias about, but we decided to share our goofin’ around. Featured in the photos are pieces of our MFSC Les Apaches Spring 2011 collection:

* MFSC Gilet de Ville
* MFSC Chemise Calico
* MF® Bourgeron Biribi
* MFSC Pantalon Ouvrier
* MFSC Pantalon Apache
* MFSC Chemise Fantaisie
* MF® Casquette “Deffe”

We had more fun than what it looks like on those photos.
No humans were harmed in the shooting of this photo session. Maybe just my pride when i realized i have to lose a few pounds. Anyways…


(If anyone wonders, John, Nico and I do NOT take ourselves seriously.)

Email jordan@misterfreedom.com or john@misterfreedom.com, or call 323-653-2014 for infos. Sorry, Nico NOT available for bachelorette parties…