Own less, Pay more, THINK (photo credit REUTERS/Andrew Biraj ©2013)

A deal on every billboard… Offers you can’t refuse on products you don’t need.
Ad campaign from a major apparel retailer? Hundreds of thousands of $.
Monthly paycheck of a garment factory worker in Bangladesh (lowest paid in the World)? $38.00

The death toll rose again yesterday, April 24 2013, because of greed fed by artificially created demand.
Some 228 260 348 530 801 (and counting) workers perished in a multi factory building collapse in Savar, Bangladesh. Some 19 miles from the previous incident in Dhaka we mentioned back in November 2012, claiming the life of 117 workers (mostly women) in a garment factory deadly fire.

Who really picks up your tab on a clothing bargain? Don’t just buy cheap, it’s not worth it, buy right. Clothes cost money for many reasons. One of them is because real People make them.
Do your research before you purchase anything.

Don’t buy it and they will stop making it.


Christophe Loiron

photo credit REUTERS/Andrew Biraj ©2013

“All it takes for something to stop being manufactured is for People to stop buying it”, Mister Freedom®

Dhaka, Bangladesh garment factory tragedy Jan 2013 (Photo AFP ©2013)


Before rejoicing in front of a ‘great deal’ when shopping for clothes, consider this: another garment factory fire tragedy in Dhaka, Bangladesh on January 26, 2013. At least 6 workers killed and 10 injured.
For which Western clothing brand did the “Smart Fashions” factory make clothes?…

Check the Country Of Origin and do your research before you buy anything. Let your money do the talking. Suits will listen.
Thank you.

(Photo credit AFP, all rights reserved ©2013)