Michel Rocard vs. Mister Freedom® on French TV!

"Supplément Canal Plus" Decembre 2014

“Supplément Canal Plus” 14Dec 2014. Is Michel Rocard the King of Denim in Los Angeles?

Mister Freedom® dirty laundry

These dirty clothes were not worn by Michel Rocard.

I know what you’re asking…. Is Michel Rocard the real king of denim in Los Angeles??!
Right? That’s what I thought. But, be your own judge.
And let us know what you think after watching Dec14 2014 episode of “Le Supplément de Canal+“, a popular French TV show hosted by Maïtena Biraben, featuring a main political personality each week and punctuated by several short docs (from roasts to current affairs.)

Should you be well-versed in the french language, you will enjoy the entire show:

Should you need to fast-forward straight to the adventures of Mike “Jeans of the Old West” Harris and yours truly, because you’ve been driving on the wrong side of the freeway for ½ hour, there it is:

Many thanks to Canal+, producer Maïtena Biraben and journalist Marc Beaugé for the consideration, field reporter Camille Girerd and journalist/cameraman Guillaume Cauchois for their kindness, hard work and professionalism and energy.
Extended gratitude to comrades and historians Mike Harris and Russ and Charla, Tina Wakino from “Bazar” in Venice… and Lady Luck!
The trained ear will recognize the rockin’ sounds of Mr JD McPherson spicing things up during the documentary.

Canal Plus has a free smartphone app that works great for US viewers to download or replay shows, available here.

Thank you for watching 🙂

The show is not streamable anymore, but here is a screen capture done at the time of airing. Sorry about poor image quality and sound.