Mister Freedom® “DUDE RANCHER” western snap shirt, cotton broadcloth, SS2019 mfsc Surplus catalog, made in Japan.


Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox, “Junior Bonner” (1972)

Mister Freedom® “DUDE RANCHER” western snap shirt, cotton broadcloth.
SS2019 mfsc Surplus catalog.
Made in Japan.

Following the Mister Freedom® Appaloosa introduced during Fall 2013 and released in a variety of denim-related fabrics, the “DUDE RANCHER” is our second traditional “western snap” shirt. This all-original pattern was inspired by a selection of vintage “cowboy” shirts, and will now be joining the ranks of the mfsc SURPLUS catalog.

The DUDE RANCHER features the expected western-style front and back yokes. We opted for arcuate panels subtle-enough to keep the shirt as a daily-wearable, with traditional yet understated curved yokes.

The playful “M” tonal branding stitch on the chest pockets is also discreet. We couldn’t help an ace up the sleeve with the tricked-out forearm pattern featuring an intricate one-piece elbow/cuff reinforcement diamond-shaped placket. The pattern-making connoisseur will appreciate.

The fabric we opted for for this first release is a fancy 100% cotton broadcloth, a type of tightly-woven poplin. Broadcloth, with its silky smooth surface and crispy dry hand, is often associated with fancy vintage dress shirts. As a caveat, cotton broadcloth is prone to natural fabric wrinkling, a characteristic of garments cut from noble natural fiber materials (cotton, linen, silk etc…), before the crowning of poly-cotton and acrylics as households’ favorites, sometime in the 1960’s, to facilitate stain removal and liberate one from the burden of ironing. Generations later, this fashion shift and material preference will also lead to the production of billions of pounds of synthetic garments impossible to recycle.

As introduced a few years back with the Sportsman printed flannel Camp Shirts, the DUDE RANCHER features painted metal snaps, reminiscent of 50’s Ranchcraft or Blue Bell shirts. If pearl snap buttons are more-commonly associated with traditional western shirts, our use of tonal metal snaps is both a nod to bygone westernwear fashion, and a design choice for a toned-down vibe that doesn’t scream yipikaye. Basically, we wanted an easy-to-wear classic garment.

For the rodeo-inclined, we are also releasing a limited edition run of embroidered DUDE RANCHER shirts, featuring original chainstitched “MF® Ranch”classic artwork, a nod to 1950’s style of branding work uniforms and other promotional garments. For consistency and cost issues, these custom shirts have not been decorated on hand-crank operated chainstitch machines, but with program-operated machines. The results are similar, but the expert chainstitch artist will notice the difference in the filling technique. Having recently added a 1950’s Cornely to our upstairs atelier in order to do a few in-house embro jobs, we were quite happy to delegate this tedious custom “rodeo” production task to the pros!

Note: Considering the fine broadcloth fabric and metal snaps, refrain from yanking on the front panels á la Tom Jones when taking your shirt off. Carefully un-snap the buttons one by one, and listen to the crowd roar.

The DUDE RANCHER western snap shirt is designed in California by Mister Freedom® and manufactured in Japan by Sugar Cane Co.

100% cotton broadcloth (aka poplin), tight weave, smooth soft texture and crispy dry hand. Milled in Japan
Two color options, black or white.

* An original mfsc pattern, inspired by traditional western-style shirts.
* Traditional arcuate front and back yokes.
* 1950’s-style painted metal snaps (the paint will chip with age.)
* Original mountain-shaped “M” tonal stitching on pockets.
* Intricate diamond-shaped cuff/elbow reinforcement patch.
* Vintage style side gussets.
* Rounded shirt tails.
* 100% cotton tonal hi-count stitching.
* Original MF® mfsc “Surplus” tonal woven label.

The DUDE RANCHER comes rinsed/preshrunk. The shirt is ready-to-wear.
I opted for a MEDIUM (in both colors), my usual size in mfsc shirting, for a trim, traditional western shirt fit.

Please refer to sizing chart for approximate raw/soaked measurements. Soaked = 30mn cold soak, spin dry and line dry.


When needed, machine wash on DELICATE, cold water, mild eco-friendly detergent. Hang dry.
Wash with similar-colored garments.
Mind the fine broadcloth fabric and metal snaps combination, and do not use the washer’s heavy-duty cycle. Heat dryer is also not recommended and could damage the garment.

Available rinsed (pre-shrunk)
Solid black/white, or “Rodeo Edition”.

Available from www.misterfreedom.com, our Los Angeles brick & mortar store, and fine retailers around the World.
Email sales@misterfreedom.com or call 323-653-2014 with any questions unanswered above.
Thank you for your support.

Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®

Pit Stop Shirt, Mister Freedom® Sportsman Catalog, Spring 2014

Pit Stop shirt Mister Freedom 2014


Pit Stop shirt Mister Freedom 2014


Pit Stop shirt Mister Freedom 2014


Pit Stop Shirt
“The Sportsman” Catalog, Spring 2014

There aren’t many rules in the Garment Industry, but it is often agreed upon that one should avoid the word ‘pit’ when considering a moniker for a men’s shirt.
As a winning formula for a high sell-through, it is not unlike an entire collection of flesh colored polyester overalls.
So, let’s proudly introduce Mister Freedom® ‘Pit Stop Shirt’, another addition to our Sportsman catalog for Spring 2014.

One could think that this was, again, heavily influenced by my personal musical hero, JB.

JB Courtesy Getty Images ESPN

JB Courtesy Getty Images ESPN

However, we had two finely woven striped broadcloth selvedge fabrics milled in Japan for the occasion. Inspired by vintage swatches from our archives, these two light weight fabrics have somewhat of an old work/uniform feel to them. Milkman meets delivery driver meets filling station attendant on the Pacific Coast Highway circa 1935, meets Le Mans.
What a party.

Walker Evans 1935 Sol Diamond 1952 East Ender All State Freight, Inc. drivers 1930s Adhor Co delivery driver 1931 Set of  Chad Steve McQueen Le Mans 1970

The pattern of the ‘Pit Stop’ is that of our original Sportsman Chambray shirt, featuring some MF® Sportsman signature details that our entire block envies us for. Including across the street.
Things like inverted box-pleat pocketing, shoulder expansion pleats, inside green chain-stitch, metal cast buttons, side gussets, chin strap, American manufacture… to name a few.

Our Pit Stop Shirt is designed and made in California by Mister Freedom®, in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co.


PATTERN: An original MFSC pattern, inspired by our usual vintage influences.

Two options
a) Blue: fine and light-weight 100% cotton woven stripe broadcloth, selvedge, milled in Japan.
b) White: fine and light-weight 100% cotton woven stripe broadcloth, selvedge, milled in Japan.

* Relaxed silhouette and fit.
* Original chest inverted box-pleat double pockets.
* Slim chin strap.
* Full button front.
* MF® original olive green painted embossed metal buttons, combination solid and MFSC branding.
* White cotton popeline button facing strip.
* Double front & back expansion pleats on shoulder yoke.
* One piece cuff gusset.
* 100% cotton thread, high stitch count.
* Flat felled seams, with inside green chain-stitch MF® signature.
* Side gussets with self fabric.
* Original “The SPORTSMAN” woven rayon label.
* Made in California, USA.

The Pit Stop shirt comes unwashed and will shrink to tagged size. If you are a usually a medium in other mfsc shirts, go with a medium. Both fabric options size and fit the same.
Although a very light-weight and fine fabric, this is a low maintenance shirt, no special care. Machine wash and tumble dry as needed.

Please refer to chart bellow for measurements.

Pitstop Shirt Mister Freedom 2014

Available RAW/unwashed.

Retail $289.95

Soon available on www.misterfreedom.com
Please call 323-653-2014 or email sales@misterfreedom.com with any questions not answered above.
Thank you sincerely for baring with us and for your support.


Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane “Les Apaches”(Part. 6): Chemise Fantaisie

MFSC Les Apaches” Spring 2011 Collection: Introducing the CHEMISE FANTAISIE (ie. fancy shirt)

Just in, some fancy shirting for the Apache in you 😉
Inspired by French gent garb from 1900’s to 1930’s, the chemise fantaisie will put some fancy threads on your back. The fabrics were painstakingly developped in Japan from vintage textiles swatches and turn of the century shirting samples. The pattern is based on early silhouettes and vintage prototypes, with the usual MF® creative spin and early American influence.
Detachable collar type (aka. stand collar), fancy shearing, european tailoring single needle construction, NOS glass buttons… the works.
Nice as a fancy addition to your favorite blue jeans, under a gilet de ville, or… as a better way to paint the town than the usual chambrays.
Along with other things we make, this MFSC Chemise Fantaisie “is what it is” (ie. not life style changing…) and it’s up to you to make it look good. If you are reading this, you should not have any problems doing so…

PATTERN: An all original MFSC pattern, inspired by early European fancy shirting. Because of the back yoke shearing, the cut is a bit wider than our MFSC 645 Utility Chambrays.
FABRIC: Three options, milled in limited batch. Unwashed and un-sanforized.
* BLEU CALICO: Blue colour base, all cotton broadcloth 3.5 Oz., tightly woven brocade jacquard with subtle calico print (discharge and navy colour).
* BLANC CALICO: White colour base, all cotton broadcloth 3.5 Oz., tightly woven brocade jacquard with subtle calico print (rust colour).
* ROUGE GARANCE: Natural/beige colour base, all cotton broadcloth 3.5 Oz., printed with a madder red (aka “Turkey Red”) calico print.
BUTTONS: Authentic French 1900′s-1930′s New Old Stock glass buttons, also referred to as boutons Briare, because of their regional origin. Those buttons are RARE (you can find small quantities of them here and there, but finding enough for a whole collection was no easy task), but we even put an extra one stitched to the inside care label… Because of the very involved process of manufacturing this type of glass buttons, production has stopped in the 1940’s in France.
COLLAR: Detachable type, held by fancy metal “collar studs”. Original collar studs were usually made of bone, ivory or porcelaine for off the shelf shirting. One would get a set of fancy studs of their liking at the Haberdashery store, along with a tie clip and cuff links… You can shmEbay them.
Very often, the removable collars were lost and this type of stand collar shirts are often seen worn without them on old photographs (the charpentiers below are not Apaches, nor fancy dandies, but some of them DID lose their collars…)


French quarrymen (Photo © Collection Roger-Viollet)

* Button placket extended tab, to button to your breeches waist button, so the shirt stays tucked in.
* Sheared back yoke and wrist cuffs.
* White cotton popeline button placket contrast facing.
* Passe Cravate loop in back shoulder yoke, to secure tie or scarf.
* Very high stitch count all cotton stitching.
* Extended tucked in buttoned “belly flap”.
* French style side gussets.
* Single needle tailoring construction, no chain stitch.
Again, labeled in French: 35 (XS), 37 (S), 39 (M), 41 (L), 45 (XL)
Click on chart below for RAW and after rinse and hang dry measurements (t.

Limited Edition, designed in California by MISTER FREEDOM®, manufactured in Japan by SUGAR CANE CO.

Available RAW (unwashed)
A) Chemise Fantaisie BLEU CALICO
Available Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Retail $399.95
B) Chemise Fantaisie BLANC CALICO
Available Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL
Retail $399.95
B) Chemise Fantaisie ROUGE GARANCE
Available Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL

Call (323) 653-2014 or mail sales@misterfreedom.com to get yours while they last. We ship internationally. We thank you all dearly for your support.