Mister Freedom® “Road Champ©” boots, new batch

MF® Road Champ (August 2012 batch)

A slightly anticipated (by us) batch of the “Road Champ” moto boots is being processed…
Just sayin’

We decided not use our original cardboard boxes for packaging anymore. Instead, the new boots will be coming in a re-usable simple raw selvedge denim bag that you can take along for grocery shopping. Saves you from answering the “paper or plastic?” million $ question every time 😉

Mister Freedom® Original “ROAD CHAMP” boots

Mister Freedom® ROAD CHAMP boots

Mister Freedom® ROAD CHAMP boots

They are riding their sweet way to the store. Another MISTER FREEDOM® all original design.
After 2 1/2 years of development, from tanning and dyeing selected American hides to sourcing hardware, from carving an original last to finding the right cobblers, we are finally happy with the result…
They are hand MADE in the ol’ USA… baby.
Don’t get more old school than that. And like the rest of the stuff we make, they’ll get better with age.

More tech details and specs very soon. (The shown samples have a few miles on them, 2 weeks of ’em)