Mister Freedom® CALIFORNIAN Blue Jeans Lot674, Special AWA-Ai Fiber Denim Edition, mfsc SS2024, made in USA.


Mister Freedom® happy Awa-Ai family: worn Californian Lot64 and Campus Blouse, with new Lot674 ©2024

Mister Freedom® worn Californian Lot64 Awa-Ai with new Lot674 Awa-Ai ©2024

Mister Freedom® worn Californian Lot64 Awa-Ai with new Lot674 Awa-Ai ©2024

Mister Freedom® worn Californian Lot64 Awa-Ai with new Lot674 Awa-Ai ©2024

Mister Freedom® CALIFORNIAN Lot674, special AWA-AI fiber denim edition.
mfsc SS2024 Sportsman Catalog.
Made in USA.

Following the recent FW2023 release of the Lot64 and matching Campus Blouse in a very special “Awa-ai” indigo denim twill — painstakingly developed in Japan by our friends at Sugar Cane Co —, we decided to also cut a few Californians Lot674 for SS2024.

How special this selvedge denim fabric is was discussed at length previously. This release is about the cut, one of our popular 1960s-vibe stove pipe silhouette, our slimmest tapered leg.
A straight-forward recap of all Mister Freedom® Californians five-pocket classic fits — Lot44, Lot54, Lot64, Lot74 and Lot674 — can be found here.

Below is an approximate side-by-side visual comparaison of 4 of those timeless silhouettes, in various denim fabrics released through the years. All Californians pictured are W30, some well-worn, some just rinsed, some hemmed etc…
I am wearing a W30 Californian Lot674 Awa-Ai for the photo, a bit too slim-looking for my taste, so I actually purchased a W31 with slightly more room in the leg. Just personal taste, and because I’ve probably watched too many old movies.

Note to denimheads: this Awa-Ai denim is pretty resilient and will require a bit of work to eventually show signs of natural wear. We recommend yard work — or similar outdoor activities — over couch surfing for quicker results. My Californian Lot64 Awa-Ai — same fabric, different cut — are slowly starting to show some “indigo action” after being worn on/off for a few months.

The Mister Freedom® CALIFORNIAN Lot674 are designed and made in California, CA in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co. Cut from premium SC Awa-ai fiber denim milled in Japan.

Inspired by vintage 1950s-1960s era five-pocket blue jeans. Our LOT674 cut features a traditional fit, classic rise, with a slim tapered leg for a 1960s period vibe.
Sugar Cane Co “AWA-ai” fiber denim (blend of 70% cotton x 30% sugarcane fibers), 13 Oz., white/green line selvedge ID, dark indigo hue, dry, hairy and neppy, milled in Japan.
Pocketing: Fancy NOS 100% cotton twill, woven stripe (white pinstripe on navy blue background.)
* Classic vintage five-pocket blue jeans pattern and fit.
* Classic mid-rise.
* Button fly, original MF®-branded patinaed tack buttons, brass waist / silver fly combo.
* Selvedge leg outseam.
* Fancy NOS stripe twill pocketing.
* MF® original white “M” stitch design on rear pockets.
* Natural cowhide leather MF®-branded patch on rear pocket. Will age with normal wash/wear.
* Twelve types of 100% cotton threads used for construction (gauge and color combination.) Main colors are yellow and orange.
* Coin pocket with concealed selvedge.
* Selvedge button hole fly placket.
* Hidden back pocket reinforcement rivets, with top pocket bar-tack stitching.
* Unmarked copper riveting for pocket reinforcement.
* Original MF® paper pocket flasher, red “Sakura” edition.
* Made in California, USA, in an ethically-responsible and small family-owned factory.

The Californian Lot674 AWA-Ai denim blue jeans come UN-WASHED and are cut so that actual measurements match the labeling AFTER an initial cold soak/line dry. We recommend the usual protocol before wearing:

  • Cold soak for about 30-40mn, with occasional hand agitation.
  • Machine spin dry and line dry.
  • Wear briefly before fully-dry to shape and set creases, then hang until fully dry.

These Lot674 Awa-ai Californians are considered true-to-size.
A tagged W32 will most-likely be the right size for an individual with an approximate measured waist of +/- 32 inches, and with average body proportions. Note that your natural waist is a bit bellow belly button level, not bellow the hips.
I opted for a W31 in these (5’7 ~145 Lbs.), flood-length hemmed, for a classic 1960s silhouette.
The waist size that will work best for you depends on how you like your jeans to fit. Please refer to our size chart and measuring method.

CARE for your Awa-ai denim jeans:
Wash when necessary, as with other premium denim garments.
We recommend turning the jeans inside-out to avoid potential marbling of the denim fabric. Wash separately from light-colored garments.
Machine wash with cold water, gentle cycle, eco-friendly mild detergent and line dry. Using hot water/heat dryer may result in excessive and irreversible shrinkage.
As with all indigo-dyed denim, temporary croaking (color bleeding) is to be expected, and the indigo color could potentially rub on light color garments and furniture. Indigo rubs can easily be spot-cleaned using a small amount of laundry detergent on a clean damp cloth.

Available from www.misterfreedom.com, our Los Angeles red brick HQ, and fine retailers around the World.
Email sales@misterfreedom.com or call 323-653-2014 with any questions unanswered above.
Thank you for your support,

Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®