Mister Freedom® humble contribution to JAPAN Disaster Relief: Nihon “tourist” Tshirt


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Limited Edition Nihon tourist T-shirt“I SURVIVED JAPAN 9.0 AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY SHIRT”

I’ll try to be brief.
We are all getting depressed by the on-going dramas unfolding in Japan since March 11th 2011.
As a small and humble token of appreciation of a People, and respect of a Country I personally owe so much to, here is what we cooked up at work:

We hand stenciled 15 custom numbered T-shirts, with original artwork inspired by not-so-serious“tourist” type 1960’s-70’s graphic T-shirts. The recent events are obviously a non laughing matter, but some ‘lightness’ is the only remedy i have found against the daily flow of bad news and alarming updates…

Mister Freedom will be donating ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the sale of each shirt to the American Red Cross, who will properly dispatch the funds to help those affected by the recent 9.0 earthquake in Japan and Tsunami throughout the Pacific. The MF donation for the FULL AMOUNT, $100.00/shirt, will be made on the day of your purchase, and official receipts will be available on demand.

Of course we don’t expect you to be wearing the shirts, if you were not there when the 9.0 hit… But if you have a friend in Japan and would like to show that you “did something” by sending him/her this shirt as a present, know that your generosity will be helping some folks in need of food/shelter/support. (Just wait a  bit and let the Post Office deliver more urgent goods for now.)
We will be updating this post with the name or website of the 15 participants.

100% cotton indigo blue dyed Tubular T-shirts/ Vintage 1950’s-60s NOS military T-shirts/ Hand stenciled with slight variations/ Dual discharge and red waterbase ink printing/ Limited Edition of fifteen numbered shirts/ Packaged in custom made original MF chipboard boxes/ Pre-Washed and fully shrunk.

LIST OF DONORS (we salute you…):
T-shirt No. 01/15: RUMI I CHUNG (Australia)
T-shirt No. 02/15: BEATLE (Germany)
T-shirt No. 03/15: DOC BLUE (France)
T-shirt No. 04/15: THIS SUNDAY (USA)
T-shirt No. 05/15: JAMES SEARS (USA)
T-shirt No. 06/15: GREGOIRE (USA)
T-shirt No. 07/15: MAX RINCON (USA)
T-shirt No. 08/15: JOE McINTYRE (USA)
T-shirt No. 09/15: JOHAN HURTIG café.se (Sweden)
T-shirt No. 10/15: MICHAEL GOLLOTTI (USA)
T-shirt No. 11/15: LEAH GIONIS (Australia)
T-shirt No. 12/15: WALTER CARILLION (USA)
T-shirt No. 13/15: JAMES SEARS (USA)
T-shirt No. 14/15: NOBUKO NISHIMURA Fr/jp design&vintage (France)
T-shirt No. 15/15: KAI FU CHENG (USA)

Size: Small only
Retail $100.00
(full amount going t0 the American Red Cross). We pay for shipping

We thank you sincerely in advance. Call John or Jordan at (323) 653-2014 or mail john@misterfreedom.com or jordan@misterfreedom.com to get yours while they last. We ship internationally.

UPDATE (March 19th 2011, 1:48PM)

All of us at MISTER FREEDOM® wish to thank all of you dearly for your prompt actions and your generosity…
Thanks to the above listed 15 international donors, and everyone who applied, the American Red Cross has received a payment of $1500.00 (MF® made the full payment on day 1 because of the obvious urgency. Official receipt above.)
Lotsa love from MF® to all for your support of the JAPAN Disaster Relief.