Mister Freedom® on paper: Warm thank you to all the below fine publications for giving exposure to small independent labels. Okage sama de, Ladies & Gents.All rights reserved to the respective original publishers.

CLUTCH magazine, Japan April2012 Heritage Post, Germany March2012 CLUTCH Magazine, Japan March2012 Los Angeles Magazine, USA Dec2011 Mono Magazine, Japan Aug2011 Los Angeles Magazine, USA Feb2011  Eat Shop Los Angeles 3rd Edition, USA 2011 Mens File, GB Oct2010 Mens Non-No cover, Japan June2010 Lightning Magazine, Japan Oct2010 Lightning Magazine, Japan May2010 Lightning Magazine "Leather Book", Japan 2010 Workwear by Mono, Japan May2010 Inventory Magazine, Canada Fall2009 Lightning Magazine, Japan Dec2008 cover-41-380x507 InROCKuptibles, France Nov2010 smartp safp Rolling Stone, Japan April2008 Popey Magazine, Japan Jun2005 mensp luckyp light getonp fesep6p fenov7p fenov5p fenov4p femay7p fejul7p fefev7p fedec7p fedec6p feapr8p feapr5p Black Book, USA Jan2007

 Q&A with Christophe Loiron / Mister Freedom®

Interview Hanna Beth TheeWebsite April2010

Interview Hanna Beth
TheeWebsite April2010

Interview Palladium April 2011

Interview Palladium April 2011 (not available on their site anymore)

Interview French CanCan May2011

Interview French CanCan May2011

WWD Denim Conference May2011

WWD Denim Conference May2011

Denimaniac Interview October2009

Interview Denimmaniac (October 14, 2009)

Paul Gorman Interview August2011

Interview for Paul Gorman (August 27th, 2011)

Hells Kitchen Interview (November2009) in french

Interview for “Hell’s Kitchen” (Nov2009) french

the 189 Interview (April201

the 189 Interview (April2011)