Mister Freedom® Spring 2013 MFSC collection “Viva La Revolución” & “The Sportsman” Lookbook


Inspired by imagery of the 1910-1920 Mexican Revolution, here is a short preview of the Mister Freedom® Lookbook for our Spring 2013 “Viva la Revolución” MFSC collection.
Like with previous historical events that inspire our clothes, nothing is ‘literal’, as we do not target the re-enacting market. We just dig in a rich Past to find ‘threads’ to weave into clothes we would like to wear. Again, our loose boundaries are just the ‘historically plausible’.

We are also introducing a new Mister Freedom® classic concept for 2013, “The Sportsman“, which we will add to every season. This one is about classic ‘no brainers’ with our twist, for easy everyday wear, made in the USA with Japanese & USA milled fabrics.

Both full collections will be available starting mid-February 2013 from our Mister Freedom® Los Angeles headquarter and via email to jordan@misterfreedom.com or john@misterfreedom.com, as well as from fine retailers Worldwide.

Soundtrack: To keep it light, I chose “La Guerilla” by Valérie Lagrange (1964, All Rights to the Publisher).
This song was written by Serge Gainsbourg. He originally recorded a track of a similar vain, he penned circa 1961, called “Viva Villa”. Awesome tune 😉

An HD version of this clip is available on Vimeo (make sure HD is on, bottom right corner of the video screen.) A lower res version on YouTube

For those who have the patience to download and view a hi-res PDF file of the look book, click HERE
(WARNING: Very heavy file! About 83MB, this will eat up your entire data plan on a mobile phone when roaming. Use Wi-Fi!)

Thanks for watching 😉



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