Mister Freedom® smashing Continental Sportcoat & Bermudas combo! Sportsman catalog, made in USA.

This summer, pair your Mister Freedom® Continental Sportcoat with the Continental Bermudas to create your own smashing look at the pool party!

The inseam on the MF® Bermudas averages about 10 inches, but, on a kick with shorts lately, I went ahead and cropped all of mine. Chopped 6 inches from the inseam, 6.5 from the outseam.
The combo sportcoat/matching shorts is an acquired taste, but it works with the heat.
Also featured here with the stripe Continental Bermudas are my beat-up hickory MF® Conductor and red Tricot Marin, for a razzle dazzle touch guaranteed to confuse a bat.

The Mister Freedom® Continental Sportcoat and Continental Bermudas are available from our made-in-USA SPORTSMAN catalog.

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Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®



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