Mister Freedom® “SEA HUNT” Collection, Fall 2014 preview

Mister Freedom Sea Hunt Fall 2014

Mister Freedom Sea Hunt Fall 2014

Mister Freedom Sea Hunt Fall 2014


Mister Freedom Sea Hunt Fall 2014

Mister Freedom Sea Hunt Fall 2014

Mister Freedom Sea Hunt Fall 2014


The “SEA HUNT” Collection
mfsc Fall 2014

To the intrepid few who have survived Season One of our “Sea Hunt” venture, we recommend a hard-training summer.
Because, my friends, things are about to get silly agitated comes Fall, à la Bebel!

Le Guignolo Bebel Le cerveau 1969 Le Casse 1971 Peur sur la Ville 1975 L'Animal 1977

As a Spring 2014 boot camp survivor, it is clear you will have no issue with the ‘jump out of airborne helo/land on speeding zodiac’ routine of the up-coming Fall season. The several jungle incursions and a secret mission in the unforgiving Atacama Desert should also be a breeze. And for the hard-to-thrill, we will also offer ice diving with Greenland shark feeding.

Due to demanding ops, we have developed new exclusive fabrics for Fall 2014, along with some rather intricate original patterns. All that to be fully disclosed in details sometime around September 2014, if all our stunts go as planned.

The sea bag of the Int’l Man of Action for the next “Sea Hunt” chapter will include:

* Two “Helo” Jackets, nylon.
* One “Okinawa CPO” shirt, SC301 denim.
* One pair of “Pantalon de Pont“, indigo jungle cloth.
* One ERDL “Jungle Leaf” Patrol Shirt, cotton ripstop.
* Three “Map” Shirts, indigo denim twill/M1942 camo/Marine Nationale denim.
* One pair of “Mechanic” Trousers, indigo denim twill.
* Two Watch Caps, wool knit.
* One “Blouson de Quart“, khaki jungle cloth.
* One pair of “Topsiders”, Marine Nationale denim.
* One zboub.
You will hear the signal.
Your gear will be lined up on your cot by 0500.
Your mission orders will be forwarded to the usual rally point.
Thank you and good luck.

Mister Freedom® HQ,
Los Angeles, CA.

Props courtesy of HMCS Saskatoon, USCG, Windward Aviation Inc and Hasbro Inc.




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