Mister Freedom® “LABOR DAY” SALE: Month of September 2012

Labor Day Sale (25% off selected items, entire month of September 2012) Mister Freedom® ©2012

Hear, all ye good People…

As some of you may know, and may deplore, Mister Freedom® Originals are never on sale at our Los Angeles brick store…
We make clothes that we do not consider seasonal or trendy, and believe a Peacoat style we made 10 seasons ago will stay a relevant addition to a Gentleman’s wardrobe in years to come.
Moreover, our margins on original MF® and MFSC® products do not allow flexibility for markdowns.
For some, mass production, where profits are made by selling thousands of cheap units, is a profitable approach. For us, and because of the nature of our products/designs/niche/ethics, our production stays limited, our cost high, our work days full.
We chose to invest money in the manufacturing of our clothes rather than in advertising/paid PR networking/trendsetting blogosphere elbow rubbing (meaning sending out free samples for blog plugs in return)/air conditioning…

We are happy to believe that none of our clothes make it to the landfills. Instead, we have reassuring testimonies that they get cherished, collected, passed on or re-sold as they retain high market value.

BUT (here it comes) we need to actually free some storage room for our up-coming Fall2012 “Men of the Frontier” merchandise. Space is money in Los Angeles. So we decided to temporarily break our ‘no sale’ policy this year with a “LABOR DAY” SEPTEMBER 2012 Sale! Woop Woop

We are offering a 25% price reduction on selected items from our vault (click on item link to go to original post with specs):
* Utility Chambray (White)
* Chemise Hirondelle (Black Moleskine, Cream Moleskine)
* Chemise Fantaisie ( Red, White, Blue)
* Mulholland Master (Black, Brown)
* Paletot Apache (Black, Cream, Indigo)
* Pantalon Apache (Brown stripes, Blue stripes)
* Pantalon “Peau de Diable” (Cream, Black)
* Palladenim®

Not so fine print:
Size availability is limited to current stock.
The sale starts on Saturday September 1rst and will end on Sunday September 30th.
No return on sale items, all sales final.
All items are sold RAW (unwashed), even if pictured worn-in in the original MF® blog post.
To kick the sale with a bang, we are CLOSED on Labor Day.
When Emailing john@misterfreedom.com or Jordan@misterfreedom.com with your original request, please include as much info as you can (such as full name/size/measurements/item color/exact shipping infos/method of payment…) in order to limit the amount of back and forth exchanges. We do not yet have a hot line relay in India, and attending to everyone needs in a timely manner is at times challenging for the J’s, while running the store, bearing with me etc… 😉

Thank you kindly for your support, Friends. Still doing it our way thanks to you.
Happy LABOR DAY to my fellow Americans.



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