Mister Freedom® Cowboy Jacket, Malibu Denim edition, Sportsman Spring 2016, made in USA.



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Cowboy Jacket, Malibu Sea Denim Edition
Sportsman Spring 2016
Made in USA

For Spring 2016 the first addition to the Mister Freedom® SPORTSMAN catalog, our blob-like growing collection of ‘classics’ with an Army-Navy Surplus store vibe, is a new edition of the MF® Cowboy Jacket. We are using the precious final yardage of Malibu Sea denim we had in stock to make a limited run of that jacket, previously released in both blue and wheat NOS Cone denim in 2015.

This “Malibu” denim is a 13 Oz. indigo-dyed denim twill milled in Japan, and features, brace yourselves, a solid white selvedge. More importantly, it stands out from the ocean of blue denim twills by its ridiculously handsome shade of blue, quite convenient to tone down the daily tuxedo.

“Gotta problem with my tux, pal?”

Here is a bit about that color, discussed as we introduced our Malibu Jeans in 2015:

“… For a touch of color, “Flipper” (1963) came to the rescue. We developed an indigo-dyed selvedge denim to match the washed-out indigo blue shade ever present in the old sea-faring Metrocolor movies and TV shows. During those ‘happy days’, denim distressing was often a DIY thing. Actors in character routinely wore their own personal (naturally-aged) jeans on set.Legend has it that Brando wore his own (studio-altered) Levi’s in “The Wild One” (1953).
For an extra salty seafarer look, the studios Wardrobe Depts distressed blue jeans with the help of bleach and pumice stone. Washed out blues blended better with beach scenery…
We wanted a similar effect without the bleach/distressed part, an indigo ‘Eastman Kodak’ blue, if you will. So we simply opted to start with a lighter shade of indigo for the warp yarn. Believe it or not, this proved much trickier and challenging for the Japanese mill than producing a dark indigo denim. So, there it is. Light blue indigo.”

The general pattern of the Mister Freedom® Cowboy Jacket is our take on the traditional trucker-type denim jacket, aka third-type jacket everyone is familiar with. We just tweaked a few cosmetic details such as front yoke and pocket shapes. The MF® Cowboy Jacket differs from our MF® Ranch Blouse series by its somewhat 60’s-70’s vibe, going “Here Comes Bronson” rather than “Grapes of Wrath”, more Hollywood margaritas than Dust Bowl moonshine.

The MF® Cowboy Jacket is designed and manufactured in California by Mister Freedom®, in collaboration with Sugar Cane Co.


Inspired by traditional trucker-type denim jackets, aka third-type jackets.

Original mfsc “Malibu Sea” denim, 13 Oz. indigo-dyed denim twill, solid white selvedge. Milled in Japan.

* Fairly trim silhouette, sixties vibe.
* Fabric selvedge displayed on inside front panels.
* Original MF® slanted flap chest pockets.
* Original brass cast MF® branded buttons.
* MF® yellow “M” stitching on pockets.
* Orange and yellow stitch combination.
* Contrasting blue 2×1 denim pocket flap lining.
* All cotton thread chainstitch construction.
* Buttoned cinch-waist side tabs.
* Copper rivet backed by leather washers for pockets and sleeve placket reinforcements.
* Debossed leather MF® original patch.
* Made in USA.


The blue denim Cowboy Jacket comes UN-WASHED (=raw) and is cut so that the measurements match the labeling after an initial cold soak/line dry.

We recommend our usual method for raw blue denim garments:
* 30-40mn cold soak with intermittent hand agitation, in minimally-filled washing machine or bath tub.
* Spin dry cycle (if using a machine).
* Hang dry.
* As an optional step, wear the garment briefly when still not fully dry, in order to slightly shape it to your body and set creases. Hang and let fully dry.
When following this routine, the denim garment will dry quite stiff, due to the re-activated fabric starch contained in the cotton yarns. This is normal and will subside with normal wear.

As I had done with the wheat version of the Cowboy Jacket, I opted to size down to a Small (36) in this Malibu edition. I am in between sizes (36 and 38) and went for the slimmer/shorter silhouette.

Please refer to sizing chart for approximate raw/soaked measurements. Soaked = 30mn cold soak, spin dry and line dry.


Wash when hygiene dictates and common sense prevails.
We recommend turning the jacket inside out to avoid marbling on the indigo side.
Hand washing can be a good option for those concerned with specific wear patterns and high-contrast colors fades. Otherwise, machine wash inside out with cold water, gentle cycle, eco-friendly mild detergent and line dry.

Please note that the debossed graphic on the leather patch will naturally ‘flatten out’ when soaked in water.

Available RAW/unwashed

X-Small (34)
Small (36)
Medium (38)
Large (40)
X-Large (42)
XX-Large (44)

Retail $ 369.95

Available from www.misterfreedom.comfine retailers around the World, and our Los Angeles ol’ pile o’ rags.
Email sales@misterfreedom.com or call 323-653-2014 with any questions unanswered above.
Thank you for your support,

Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®



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