Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane MFSC Fall 2010 Collection

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A few preview group shots of Fall 2010 MFSC Collection…
This season sees a merger between the “Naval Clothing Tailor” and “Speed Safe Clothing”. The characters in both stories are meeting on common grounds, with pieces crossing over, all under the old school MF umbrella…
The idea was to have clothes that can easily be mixed together to create an individual style.
We will itemize each garment with specs soon, but the collection includes:

* MIDNIGHT P-JACKET: A 16 oz. indigo balck back denim (aka “Midnight Twill”) early pattern Peacoat.
* MIDNIGHT and OFF DUTY CPO: Our famous “CPO” is back in a 10 oz. midnight twill and a plain weave indigo/white fabric.
* N1-H “Troy”: The iconic MFSC N1-H Deck jacket, Modified Issue, with a reprocessed wool Alaskan Troy blanquet lining.
* CHINOS, COTTON TROUSERS: A new pattern for our MFSC Chinos
* MARINIERE JERSEY: Real Indigo dyed yarn stripe “Marine Francaise” type jerseys, in three combo colours.
* RIDER’S DUNGAREES: modified version.
* CHILLER VEST: A zip up cotton padded vest in 4 different issues. (Rayon/Cotton fabric, Indigo denim and Midnight Twill.)
* UNION FLEECE: A cotton French terry/Fleece henley type undershirt, with three different contrast plackets combinations.

We are also introducing our MF “CALIFORNIAN”, Lot. 54… A five pocket blue jeans, loaded with details, proudly crafted in the US of A. Made from 12 Oz. “New Old Stock” indigo selvedge denim we found in limited quantities.

Inquiries and previews at MISTER FREEDOM® store if you are in Los Angeles…We are expecting deliveries in September/October, TBD.
Email john@misterfreedom.com with any questions.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support.



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