Mister Freedom® Originals

This page has not been updated since 1912, so…

Please refer to www.misterfreedom.com for a full updated recap of Mister Freedom® x Sugar Cane Co (MFSC) collaborations and MF® originals.

Below are a few examples of previous collections, with links to their original release posts

Spring 2012: “Men of the Frontier” MFSC Collection

Men of the Frontier Box Blouse Chaparral CANVAS Blouse Chaparral INDIGO
Trade Shirt Calico APACHE Trade Shirt Calico PUEBLO MF® Strongman Cuff MFSC Range Vest BROWN MFSC Range Vest INDIGO

Britches Chaparral CANVAS brown Britches Chaparral Canvas INDIGO Prairie Shirt Calico MADDER Prairie Shirt DENIM
Gunslinger Pantaloons INDIGO denim Gunslinger Jumper INDIGO denim
Gunslinger Pantaloons DESERT denim Gunslinger Jumper DESERT denim


FALL 2011: “American Sportswear NOS” Collection (made in USA)

USA Sporstwear Fall2011 poster Californian Blue Jeans Lot44 NOS Chambray Shirts Grouping MF Indigo Henleys

Denim Ranch Blouse Speedway Pique Jeans Chino Shipyard


FALL 2011: “Les Apaches” MFSC Collection

MFSC Apache Fall2011 preview MFSC Paletot Apache Metisse MFSC Paletot Apache Black MFSC Paletot Apache Cream

MFSC Chemise Hirondelle White MFSC Chemise Hirondelle Métisse MFSC Chemise Hirondelle Black Fall Box MFSC Apache MFSC Django

MFSC Gilet Ville Métisse Lino Gilet MFSC Apache MFSC Pantalon Diable Black MFSC Pantalon Diable White MFSC Gabin


SPRING 2011: “Les Apaches” MFSC Collection

Apaches at Mister FreedomMFSC Veste Ouvrier INDIGOMFSC Veste Ouvrier TICKINGMFSC Pantalon Ouvrier INDIGOMFSC Pantalon Ouvrier TICKING
MFSC Chemise Calico INDIGOMFSC Chemise Calico WHITEMFSC Chemise Bleu VilletteMF Musette BiribiMF Biribi Bourgeron
MFSC Gilet GREYMFSC Gilet BROWNMFSC Gilet BLUEMFSC Chemise Fantaisie BLUEMFSC Chemise Fantaisie REDMFSC Chemise Fantaisie RED
MFSC Pantalon Apache GREYMFSC Pantalon Apache BROWNMFSC Pantalon Apache BLUEMF Casquette Deffe
MFSC Chemisette Ginguette PINKMFSC Chemisette Ginguette YELLOWMFSC Chemisette Ginguette GREEN


Mister Freedom ® x Palladium ® , 2011: The “PALLADENIM”
Chaussure "Palladenim" Mister Freedom® x Palladium


Mister Freedom® ROAD CHAMP motor-cycle boots

MF Road Champs motorcycle boots


Mister Freedom®, the “CALIFORNIAN” blue jeans, LOT. 54
Mister Freedom® Californian Blue Jeans LOT.54


Fall 2010: “Naval Clothing Tailor” meets “Speed Safe Clothing for Modern Riders” MFSC Collection

MFSC Fall 2010 Naval meets Speedsafe Midnight P-jacket Mariniere Naval Chinos Type2Off Duty CPO MF Liberty Belt

Union Fleece Midnight CPO N1-H DeckJacket Troy Chiller Vest Riders Dungarees TYPE2 Mulholland Master Black


Spring 2010: “Speedsafe Clothing for Modern Riders” MFSC Collection

Download Spring2010 lookbook here

MFSC PATCH mc Breezer Chino Riders

Union Ts Midnight Riders Mechanic Shirt MF Tripper denim Bag


Fall 2009: “Speed Safe Clothing for Modern Riders” MFSC Collection

MFSC poster Fall09 Bronco Champ Star Riders Dungarees Type1 Mechanic Sweatshirt Greaser Hat

Mulholland Master Brown Mechanic Shirt MF Sc club Patch MF Fishtail SpeedSafe moustache


Spring 2009 “The Lost Locker” MFSC Collection (Third and final chapter of “Naval Clothing Tailor”)

Lost Locker Shore Jacket Utility Chambray Navy Utility Chambray White Shore Denim Pants Shore Vest

Shore Shorts Peacoat Tshirt 7161md Tshirt Anchor Skull Tshirt


Fall 2009: “Naval Clothing Tailor” MFSC Collection

Download Fall 2009 (caution VERY large file!) LookBook here

Fall2008 LookBook Cover Deck Coat, N1H 1rst type 7161md dungarees modified Sweater Deck wool-cottonDeck Hat

Peacoat Liberty Issue N1K Deck Pants Junglecloth Undershirt CottonCPO Liberty Issue MF Original Tshirt Naval Script MF Original Tshirt Peacoat