Mister Freedom® “Gym Henleys” (MF 6744)

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Need to get rid of that muffin belly before the summer, pally?… Go hit the bag.

MISTER FREEDOM® Gym Henley MF 6744
* NOS American all cotton tubular jersey knit (no side seams)
* Lightweight and soft texture
* Wide palette of colours available, blues, reds, browns, white/black…
* Close fitting early undershirt silhouette
* Traditional flat overlock construction
* Contrast placket lining, assorted colours
* Contrast 2 by 1 ribbed collar band
* Baby overlock bottom “rolling” edge
* Metal NOS European military buttons, some models with fabric covered buttons
* 100% cotton contrast thread stitching
* Solid front and back, no graphic (have no fear, the thingy on the chest is a removable sticker)
* Each shirt slightly differs in size and shade
* Made in California,  good ol’ USA

On Sizing:
Due to the nature of 100% cotton jersey knit, the shirts will stretch naturally and adjust to the body of the wearer. (A size 36 out of the dryer will feel tight at first, but will stretch out a few inches in the chest when worn, think old Hanes tubular Tshirts…)
Most shirts vary slightly in sizes (due to eclectic shrinkage of all the different knits/colours) but are classified in six size groups: 34 to 44.
The length is an average ratio of 1.5 to the chest measurement. (36 = Chest 17 inches/ Length 17×1.5=25.5 inches). The bottom hem roll-up naturally, due to baby overlock stitching.

For an average and approximate reference (laid flat before wear):
A size 36 (~small): approx. Width 16 -17 inches across the chest, approx. Length 24-25
A size 38 (~medium): approx. Width 18 -19 inches across the chest, approx. Length 27-28
A size 40 (~large): approx. Width 20 -21 inches across the chest, approx. Length 30-32
A size 42 (~Xlarge): approx. Width 22  inches across the chest, approx. Length 27-28
(I know, we couldn’t make it more confusing…Sorry!)

Available Washed only (fully shrunk)
Available Sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 (most colours not available in full size scale, due to limited supply of tubular body fabric we used.)
Retail $49.95

Call John or Jordan at (323) 653-2014 or mail john@misterfreedom.com or jordan@misterfreedom.com to get yours while they last. We ship internationally.



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