MFSC Spring09: The Shore Issues…



As the sun will soon start drenching our beaches here in SoCal, we’ll try to keep you covered with our new MFSC Spring09 collection…

The lookbook will soon be available in the Mister Freedom® Original section, going over the concept and detailing in depth the specs of each piece.

Freshly in, part of the 7 pieces collection, the MFSC JS-09 Shore Jacket.

(Unissued, Size XS, S, M, L, XL. Retail $ 429.95)



2 comments to MFSC Spring09: The Shore Issues…

  • Thanks Zissou…I know the Shore Jacket is in good hands, I’m glad we have your back!

    Developing that fabric was a challenge and a shot in the dark, but i’m really happy about the way it turned out and how it evolves too.
    I had found that lot of antique naval buttons in Europe, right before getting into production, perfect timing considering the pressure!
    I have been wearing my jacket as well, and I got a hunch it will be seeing a lot of the breezy summer nights to come…

  • zissou

    Well done, again, Christophe! I love this shore jacket. I’ve had one for about a week, during which time I gave it a quick cold soak and have pretty much worn it every day since. The depth of the denim increases after a soaking, really making it come alive. The construction and details are, once again, top notch, and the vintage mismatched buttons are a nice touch. This is the perfect denim jacket for the summer.

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