MFSC ghost rider…


My MFSC 7161md, riding a 1937 “Derby” cruiser.

After a quick cold soak, worn to shape, it was left hanging last night. This morning, bored, it decided to go for a spin. I said “Keep the rubber down and be back for lunch, pal…”



4 comments to MFSC ghost rider…

  • Sure Jake. It’s a little tricky to find the perfect position for the crotch rivet on the 7163’s but no problems. Just mark it with chalk where you would like it to be and drop by the store…Cheers

  • Jake431

    Is there a way I could get my 7163’s similarly riveted, custom?

  • Copper crotch rivet added at MF indeed! I can never resist the urge I have to ‘customize’ my own gear…
    I also added a denim ankle pocket on the right leg (hard to see on photo), similar to the tool pocket on the MFSC N-1K that i found to be very useful. With 7 pockets now, that should be plenty storage on those MFSC-super-md!

  • Jake431

    Nice pants, and really digging the crotch rivet – is that a custom feature? I don’t see it on the 7161md’s on Self Edge.

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