MFSC Spring 2009 “Lost Locker” Collection: The Shore Shorts

Shorts, Man's, Shore

Shorts, Man's, Shore

Just off the crate, ready for the white sand beaches…

Our Sailor had those custom after spotting a roll of ‘white denim’ hiding in a corner of the MFSC Tailor of the Mombasa Port in Kenya. The fabric was originally loomed to make Naval Base barrack bags and had been printed on the reverse with a red MFSC anchor. Bags? F’gedaboudit! After having his Shore jacket custom tailored with it, there was just enough left to put together a pair of bermudas. His CO made sure he had them stenciled “Not for Deck Duty Use” on the inside. Before long, our sailor hit the beach wearing a white Tshirt, navy deck sneakers and his custom bermudas!

Available now, in very limited quantities, at Mister Freedom®!


Original limited small batch edition MFSC “white Denim”.

  • 11 ounces
  • Indigo weft and white warp
  • Sanforized: Minimal width shrinkage and 3 to 5% in length
  • Indigo blue solid selvedge



  • Original MFSC pattern based on pattern of the MFSC N-1K, Foul weather deck pants.
  • Below knee “corsair” cut.
  • Offset hip patch pockets.
  • Two knee pockets, for surf wax etc…
  • Indigo blue/black chambray pocket lining.
  • Inside waistband reinforced by selvedge “301” denim, stacked stitching.
  • Inside stencil “Not for Deck Duty Use”
  • Concealed red MFSC anchor print on inside leg.
  • CPO style anchor button front fly. Double waist black painted steel donut crest buttons.
  • Rear slash pockets.
  • 100% cotton indigo blue thread, hi-count stitch.

(Unissued. Size 28, 30, 32, 34, 36. Retail $ 299.95)



2 comments to MFSC Spring 2009 “Lost Locker” Collection: The Shore Shorts

  • Developing the experimental ‘white’ denim was such an expensive shot in the dark that it was only produced in a very small batch…Very few pieces were made.
    But feedback from the few who grabbed the shorts and/or shore jacket has been great. I will be in Japan in a few days to show the new MFSC Fall09 collection and will see with the mill if there is any chance to weave more.
    Will keep you posted Grammercyoo.
    Just checked and we have a raw 32 and 34 left…Contact should those sizes work.

    Thank you very much for your support,

  • grammercy00

    Can’t believe I missed out on these, any chance of a 2nd run ?

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