Before purchasing your next pair of jeans from your favorite brand, consider this:


Denim Industry workers at Dadun Village, China (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images 2009)

No this is not our latest collection in the making… but the idea of those horrendous looking jeans finding buyers is puzzling to me.
My apologies for the disturbing above photo (© China Photos/Getty Images 2009), it is only borrowed to illustrate a brief column I just did for Mr. Theo Constantinou of PARADIGM MAGAZINE fame.

This first piece is called “From the Hips“. Its topic might be old news to some, hopefully enlightening to others. The agenda behind this humble editorial is neither self-serving nor net-working.
If you happen to wear jeans, and have the next 120 seconds available, spend them here.

Thank you for tuning in, share if you care.

Christophe Loiron
Mister Freedom®




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